Bakra Mandi 2020 Lahore

Bakra Mandi 2020 Lahore

Following is the list of cheapest and nearest bakra mandi 2020 Lahore. This list is updated and recent for this year and you can find good bargains while making sure that the qurbani animal is of your choice and would make you and your family happy.

  • Bakra Mandi 2020 Lahore, near Punjab agricultural and meat company.
  • Shahpur Kanjra Mandi Lahore, Cattle Market, Shahpur Kanjra, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan

Good place to shop for a Qurbani this year. Nice place but prices are very high. Shahpur kanjra cattle market is one of the largest cattle markets in Pakistan. Famous for buying all categories of animals i.e. cattle, cow, buffalo, bull, goat, sheep and dumba. The quality is good as these animals are from rural Punjab but the prices are steep and not predictable and there is no control. You won’t see an single official there.

During the Shahbaz Sharif era of few years back, Lahore government made sure that they selected an open ground for the animals and made sure to keep it clean. There were heavy fines for the sellers if they made a mess and didn’t clean after their animals. I also remember them fighting with the officials  but officials were stern and maintained good hygiene and other order as Dengue virus was very common in those days.

Sadly I don’t see that this year as sellers of cows and goats are roaming around the city. It seems that the whole city is bakra mandi 2020 Lahore and people are doing the deals on the road-side and there is no sense around it. Police is only busy in taking bribes and local PTI leaders are involved in their kickbacks as they know that they might not be here next year and this moonlight is very temporary for them.

Well the Eid will pass, but this melodrama would stay here.

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