Thari Mirwah Khairpur Scandal High School Teacher

arrest sarang shar

Arrest Sarang Shar is the voice of Sindh and Pakistan right now. This satanic human, the retired high school teacher has committed a heinous crime and must be apprehended by authorities and given an exemplary punishment. Thair Mirwah Khairpur scandal high school teacher is a wake up call for the whole nation.

This heinous crime took place in Thari Mirwah, Khairpur where a retired High school teacher committed this crime. Someone recorded the video and made it viral, FIR lodged but no arrest yet.

Sindh government doesn’t consist of political people and officials but criminals and corrupt mafias. That’s why I demanded army chief after COVID-19 to immediately enforce Governer Raj in Sindh to avoid innocent people from these corrupt gangas because neither they have capacity nor capabilities nor intentions to deliver. This is again a test case and I don’t have any hope from this PPP.

Some people are asking Bilawal to take action, and I am shocked that that you still have hopes from a morally and financially corrupt family. When they aren’t clear that they are Bhutto or Zardari and you are asking them for good governance. Bhai, this family is a curse on Sindh. @BBhuttoZardari doesnt care, cant fix the province but have all the time in world to criticise government.

Can someone tag sarim burney trust. May be they can do something here. My heart just sank seeing this. What this innocent child must be going through and who knows how many times. How do we protect our children from these pedophiles. Can someone help this child? The culprit should give the severe punishment and make example for the other peoples. Most urgent action is require without delay.

This tells us everything which is wrong in our society! A teacher who is supposed to be the guardian raping a young kid – this person is sick to the core & don’t deserve to live & not fit to live with anyone including his own kids. I am against death penalty but he deserves it. I don’t have words to express my shock and sadness and my heart is broken and mind is numb and I cannot think straight.

Somebody has to take action here.


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