Aasia Zubair – Too Hot to Teach?

Her name is Aasia Zubair. She is 30 years old married woman with two children and is working as a teacher since last 12 years.On 11th August she was fired from her position on the basis of being ‘Too hot to teach students. I am not sure if that’s entirely true but this is one of its kind in Pakistan.

So teacher is claiming that she is victim of discrimination whereas students have other stories to tell. girl complained that her teacher forced her to take a picture with him saying that he would look at it in bed right before going to sleep every night. When I tried to complain about him, he came to the class and while looking at me threatened that he would ‘fix’ anyone who tried to defame him, including by deducting marks.

Some students and teachers are complaining about online harassment in Pakistan. But administration has this to say,”There is always a chance of cyber crime while using software tools for any purpose. Educational institutions can minimise that risk by choosing software tools that are more personal rather than using the popular ones. Also, there is a need to train teachers on how to handle such situations during a sessions.”

Over the past few years, the issue of women’s safety has become a prime focus of public attention and concern in Pakistan. Harassment is any improper and unwelcome conduct that might reasonably be expected or be perceived to cause offence or humiliation to another person. Sexual Harassment generally takes place when there is power or authority difference among persons involved (Student/Teacher, Employee/Supervisor, Junior Teacher/Senior Teacher, Research Supervisee/Supervisor).

Relationships between students and teachers should remain professional and within bounds of appropriate educational behavior. If you have felt uncomfortable dealing with your
professor, and are afraid of taking action against him or her, you may have been the victim of abuse or harassment. Schools should also organize awareness programmes for
both students as well as their parents.

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