Today we commemorate the historic occasion of Youm-i-Ilhaq-e-Pakistan, when Kashmiris passed a resolution for accession to Pakistan. We reaffirm our commitment to the Kashmiri people and stand with them in their struggle for self-determination.

Kashmiris right of self-determination is recognised by the UNSC & under international law. We will continue to fight for justice for Kashmiris as they struggle against the brutal & illegal actions of the Hindutva Supremacist Indian govt in IOJK. I know that justice will prevail. he people of Kashmir are overwhelmingly pro-Pakistanis…They hate India to the core since latter has forcibly occupied their land.

Indian atrocities in Kashmir is not seen by UN and rest of the world but converting a museum into mosque in Turkey is the biggest issue for these hypocrites, this means the solution of Kashmir and Palestine has gone beyond dialouge now. What is Kashmir Day ? On 13 July 1931 One Kashmiri stood up to offer prayers.Governor ordered the soldiers to open fire on him.After he was killed,another man stood up to continue the prayer. He too was killed. This continued. Till 22 Kashmiris were killed delivering the adhan.

It’s easy to give motivational speeches but difficult to do things at ground level. In Sha Allah Kashmiris too will have a beautiful dawn. No sadness remains forever. The miseries of Kashmiri people can’t be felt by anyone except Kashmiris themselves.

The Past cannot be changed. Opinions don’t define your reality. Everyone’s journey is different. Things always get better with time. Overthinking will lead to sadness. Happiness is found within. Smiles are contagious. You only fail if you quit. India has already conceded part of Laddakh to China. Hopefully they will loose seven sisters of they tried to fight against China. Kashmiris are in lockdown state for nearly a year. You must act fast for ending their plight.

While a capitalist state is in power, general strikes don’t necessarily get their demands met. But they’re always productive, because they expose the fundamental despotism of capitalism. They show justice won’t be easy to achieve until a proletarian revolution is carried out. Well done, it will give great courage to kashmiries, hope one day we will conquer it, And save this land by this barbaric rules n regulations of Indian government.


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