List of Foreign National PTI Leaders

foreign national PTI leaders

This is a continuously updated list of PTI leaders who hold foreign citizenship or permanent residency in addition to Pakistani citizenship. You will be surprised to see this list as it consists of many ex PMLN and ex PPP leaders.

  • Nadeem Afzal Chan is Canadian permanent resident
  • Zulfi Bukhari is a British national
  • Tania Airdus is a Canadian national
  • Shahzad Syed Qasim is American citizen
  • Shahbaz Gill is American resident
  • Nadeem Afzal Chan is canadian permanent resident
  • Moeed Yousaf is American resident
  • Nadeem Babar is American citizen

There are number of other ministers, advisors, assistants, helpers and other cogs of this government who hold dual nationalities and haven’t disclosed it yet. They have taken the oath of other countries but taking salaries from Pakistan and even working in very sensitive organizations and working on sensitive projects. They are even advising the selected PM and its government on various things where their conflict of interest is.

Because no good and efficient Pakistanis exist who live and die here and who have just one green passport although they could also have gone for dual citizenship. Why should the bloody foolish ones holding a green passport be in these positions to look after Pakistan’s interests? True But going by our PM @ImranKhanPTI’s video statement ( being circulated on social media) in which he opines those who have stakes abroad can’t serve Pakistan well , these SAPMs should keep just their Pakistani nationality to prove they are fully behind their leader and for Pakistan.

Personally I don’t see any problem with people in government holding dual nationalities. It happens all over the world. The problem is double standards. The thing which is kosher for them now was haram for the previous government and they even ran a smear campaign against previous rulers. These hypocrite steps make them look very bad in the true light of things and that is why they have to do what they said.

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