Mangroves Plantation in Karachi

mangrove karachi 2020

Mangroves plantation target this year is 100 K acres. Won Guinness award in 2009, 2013, 2018. Seeing is believing. There is no denying the fact that progress in mangroves shoot from 2008 to till date only due to political will and ownership, also the dedication of excellent Forest Team. Besides other benefits mangroves shall bring great financial benefit to GoS in shape of carbon credits.

One hectare of mangroves properly managed can annually yield 100 kg of fish, 20 kg of shrimps & 15 kg of crab meat in dollar terms $37,500 / ha (Fisheries & Forestry products
Indirect valuation $4,200 (protective services) (IUCN). We had seen this new & appreciable plantation when we visited Keti Bunder. In long term this effort will sustain when proper ecological balance is created through arrival of fresh water, & silt. Both of these r reducing, & will further reduce with Basha dam.

Fresh water and silt load is dream of Indus Delta and it’s inhabitants. Dams and barrage works upstream has closed all the passages. In high flood season water and silt may be received in years.

In mangrove forestry department of Sindh has done wonders SFD Changed the barren mud flats laying between beautiful creeks into green oasis. Major interventions in Mangroves at Indus Delta started in 2009 through Asian bank funded SCCD Project. It’s a great achievement for Sindh and its government and all the officials invovled deserve high esteem and appreciation from all quarters.

I also heard the news about tree plantation from Punjab. Just 2 days ago Punjab planted 250k plants in a single day and set a target of 37 Million for Monsoon Plantation. I am not sure if its true or not but good work is good work no matter where it is done. Government at federal and provincial levels should encourage this trend and make it a mass movement. Other provinces in addition to Sindh and Punjab should follow the suit.

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