Things You Don’t Know about Asim Bajwa

asim bajwa scandal

There are things you don’t know about Asim Bajwa. Merely just reading some tweets on social media or getting fake messages on whatsapp isn’t any knowledge. Asim Bajwa is no ordinary person. He is a self made person who is soldier through and through. From the early days in academy to now, he is a gentleman.

The strange thing is that the journalists who cannot even tell a difference from major to captain are spreading false news about this pride of Pakistan. If you ask me, Asim Bajwa always deserved to be the chief of army staff but I am glad that he is at the helm of affairs in this government which is inept to say the least. It’s due to the Asim Bajwa that things are still running smoothly in this government in every department.

CPEC will be game changer for whole Pakistan It bringing unprecedented prosperity &progress of country. CPEC has the potential to boost Pakistan’s Economy,making the country a regional economic hub. If you just travel on gwadar marine drive in Balochsitan, you would know who Asim Bajwa is. Its better than any sea front drive in the world and it’s a game changer for sure.

CPEC is making steady progress which is projected to increase in overall of GDP %, GNP industrialization social development and above all new job generation. The 3,000 km long CEPC is to connect China and Pakistan by rail road pipeline and fibre optic network. Asim Bajwa has served on multiple Instructional and Command-Level posts, such as leading an Anti-Tank Battalion, the 111th Infantry Brigade and an infantry division in Tribal Areas where he played a key role in stabilization.

Some peoples are blessings from behalf of God and if we will not respect and love such a personalities may be we will be unfortunate nation. Lakpass Tunnel project was completed by #FWO in two just years duration back in November 2018. This route connects #Quetta with Southern #Balochistan, #Gwadar, #Karachi and also with #Iran through N-40. The era of success has taken off for Balochistan with the development of CPEC and CPEC Authority under Chairmanship of Asim S Bajwa is committed about the equal implementation of CPEC throughout the country.

Pakistan is committed to environmentally friendly energy creation and the asim bajwa lauded the focus of the project as a “green and clean power generation” making a leap towards clean energy and decreasing the nation’s reliance on importing fuel. Gwadar has become a major global port city and will be the gateway of trade for the continent, linking China with markets in Central and South Asia. Over 500,000 professionals are expected in the city by 2023.

Those raising hue & cry over value of plots owned by SAPM to PM Gen R Asim Bajwa, need to read his declaration:

Some plots are allotted but he’s still making payments:

1-Plot in DHA Islamabad is 85% not paid.

2-Plot in DHA City Karachi is 78% not paid.

DHA offers undeveloped plots to military officers on installment basis at different stages of career, none is free.

If you’re lucky some plots go up in value: For ex. 8 comm plot in DHA Karachi/Lahore costing 1 lac in 1990, may costs upto 24 crore today.

Those who propagandize against Asim Saleem Bajwa should be ashamed. He remained the corps commander in Quetta and eliminated terrorists from all over Balochistan and broke the network of Indian Agency Raw. The person behind the modern ISPR & Great personality. Matter of Chinese Funding for Dera Ismail Khan-Zhob section of CPEC Western route was being processed to be included in upcoming meeting of Joint Coordination Committee of CPEC. This 210km project, Isb-Quetta would be connected through expressway.

Lt. Gen (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa on Sunday said that bidding process for a part of CPEC Western Route- Zhob-Kuchlak road was underway. The project is needed for the Balochistan people and it would open the doors of socio economic development. CPEC is a framework of regional connectivity. It founded peace, development for all of them. Hazara Motorway is a marvel for Public Works, Transportation, Logistics & Travel. No nation can progress economically if investments in infrastructure cannot cater to the needs of helping move people, merchandise & trade goods from origin to destination.

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