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Tiktok ban in Pakistan is on the cards. Get ready for Unban tiktok in Pakistan movement and trends on social media as PTA has given final warning. Jannat Mirza viral video on tiktok has set online world on fire as she became a Pakistani sensation overnight. Same goes for Malaika Cheema, Maryam Fayyaz, Alishba and host of others. Jannat Mirza profile and photos tiktok star are everywhere to be downloaded and seen.

With most streamers on Tiktok are female, Tiktok’s viewers are mostly men. Tiktok has combined exposure-happy attitudes and transactional nature, later turned into a platform where users share a little more of themselves than others. Tiktok has becomes popular for people that want to see women live streaming and it is getting out of hand in Pakistan as many girls in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad are tiktoking.

Tiktok sisters Jannat Mirza and Alishba are just hot stuff on Instagram, tiktok and bigo. Jannat Mirza hot photos and videos are fast becoming viral everywhere as people have started sharing them on whatsapp and even on youtube. Jannat Zubair is another girl but she is different from Jannat Mirza who is a real cutie. They are singing, dancing, showing off and just getting famous in an otherwise conservative society.

PTA must take actin against tiktok and filter the content. The point to be noted here is that the section 37 of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 gives PTA the authority to block “unlawful online content”. So PTA is well within its right to take action against any objectionable and obscene content on Tiktok and keep it in check as its harming the fabric of Pakistani society and its not good for the posterity.

Jannat Mirza’s latest videos and photos appear every week or even multiple times a week. She is just out there to rock. But then things are getting out of control very rapidly as more and more girls are getting used to it and thinking of monetizing it. This is where problem starts as most of the users are older men who have money and they can corrupt these girls and then obscene content start flowing through.

There are various other accounts and channels on tiktok in Pakistan for girls. Each channel also flashes a message across the screen, reminding viewers and broadcasters to stay polite, and keep nudity out of the platform. The policy on tiktok isn’t as strict as most other platforms that ban such acts, enabling many users to still share obscene streams, and its hard to filter it let alone control it online.

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