Unblock Bigo Live in Pakistan

unblock bigo live pakistan

Oh yes let us just block everything. Why not just build a wall to isolate ourselves from all types of technology, all cultures, all people who are not like us. Why make the effort to learn to live in a diverse community and teach our kids how to deal with the world as it is. Here are the steps to unblock bigo live in Pakistan as it has been banned in Karachi, Lahore and other cities of Pakistan by PTA.

When you choose to block someone, that is your choice. When the government does it, they are taking away your right of choice. So what is Bigo in Pakistan? Bigo live is a live video blogging app and PTA says that people have complained about dirty, obscene, and filthy content on it and they have acted upon these compliants and have banned this app in Pakistan. They have also issued a final warning to Chinese app tiktok in the same regard.

Boys in Pakistan can talk to girls through Bigo as girls show themselves in live video through bigo. Girls in Karachi have been dowing live shows on bigo and same live shows of girls in Lahore can be seen on Bigo. This app is becoming like house on fire and has become very very popular among the youth and has even surpassed the whatsapp and various other gaming apps and its quite a shocking thing in a conservative society like Pakistan.

Even Indian girls bigo are doing live shows and you can chat with them for free. This a Singaporean firm which has developed this game. Girls are earning money from live showing them and to cash out, a live streamer needs to have at least 6,700 beans in their account. Live streaming videos of Pakistani girls on Bigo are still available for free and some as preview but PTA has banned it now.

There is another very huge market as the in-app purchases range from ₹69 to ₹6,000 on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and lots of Pakistanis are using their credit cards to buy these purchases and giving beans to girls. A quick glance at the application shows multiple thumbnails featuring objectionable images of women in Pakistan as men and boys are misusing it and they are live showing them.

Some girls are just showing glimpse and then asking for money in their Paytm account. Hindi and Urdu content is also there which is quite shocking. Pakistani girl vloggers are also quite famous out there. May be instead of banning it altogether, PTA might have banned and filtered only the obscene and dirty content. I am also surprised that how Apple store and google playstore allow such apps?

By the say, the section 37 of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 gives PTA the authority to block “unlawful online content”, so its fully legal to ban the bigo live in Pakistan, stop asking as how to unblock bigo live in Pakistan.

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