Real Story Behind Zoobia Meer and Her Brother

zoobia meer real story

Zoobia Meer is step sister of my husband, she is telling a lie that we have forcefully signed registry. I am 6 month pregnant: #Bisma (The wife of Arsalan). This is the real story behind Zoobia Meer and her brother.

Just saw the glimpse of that guy beating his mother and couldn’t take that video for more than few seconds. How can anyone do that is beyond my understanding but one thing is for sure and that’s this duniya and akhirat for that couple is over. Statement of Zoobia Meer whose brother beat her mother over property and cash. The unfortunate made his abode in Hell
my lips are sealed after watching his video and heart is a break.

When a mother is in trouble. When a sister is in tears. Its obligatory for every man to stand by that mother, put hand on the sister. Take every step for the justice for the mother by punishing culprit in the most merciless way. Unable to blink eyes and unable to wipe tears from my eyes as this brutality is on another level and hard to fathom and digest and I am not sure how he did it.

If anyone has any information about this couple please go to relevant authorities. This is happening every other day, We saw a principal doing obscene thing, a woman being sold and now a mother and her daughter beaten by her own son. We seriously need some Islamic punishments otherwise this will become normal. So a video is circulating on internet a boy beaten her mother Broken heart i can’t even share the video.

Zoobia Meer and her mother needs help because they are badly beaten by her brother and his wife. They took the money and the property papers and ran away. Please raise your voice against this brutality. Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) said, “The curse of Allah is on the one who causes difficulty to his mother. The curse of the Angels & the curse of mankind are on him”
He isn’t beating his mother he is actually closing the door of heaven for himself.

Just saw a trending video of Zoobia Meer’s brother beating her mother and sister mercilessly while his wife accompanying him and I’m literally trembling and shaking. This is the status of mother in Islam. And the one who negates teachings of HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH cannot run away from ALLAH’S punishment. Hope this man, arslan, get punished too. Insha Allah. Imagine a woman going through 9 months of discomfort just to give birth to a monster like Arsalan Qureshi who grows up to be an illiterate, abusive bastard who beats up his mother for the sake of some currency notes.Deepest corner of hell await for this culprit.

This is horrific. We have stooped to such a low level. The moral degradation of our society has taken a nosedive. is there anything worst left to be seen in this world ? Just saw this video on Instagram that shook me to my very core. That is a son beating his mother. How sinful are those who speak gently with their friends…While they shout out at their mothers…!

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