New Frock Design 2020 For Girl in Pakistan

New Frock Design 2020 For Girl in Pakistan

Following are the new frock design 2020 for girl in Pakistan. These are original, authentic, and genuine designers which you can freely copy to make your girls look prettier and elegant. You can also amend them and alter them as you please.

Long frock designs for ladies in Pakistan is also getting huge popularity. Frocks are an integral part of kid girls apparel but more and more adult girls and teenagers are getting drawn towards fashionable modern frocks. Due to the conservative nature of Pakistani society, girls want to cover themselves but still want to adopt the latest fashion. If frock is sewn and designed correctly, it looks really chic and elegant.

I recently enjoyed a frock with following specifications:

  • Front is of chiffon fabric
  • Sleeves are chiffon
  • Dupatta is chiffon with embroidery on all borders
  • Frock width is 100 inches

Now is the time to sprinkle some sweet sparkle To your daughter’s wardrobe when you buy her this beautiful frock. Attractively designed with handmade silver embroidery at the upper body And waist, this frock looks stylish and appealing. Both for winter and summer, frocks are the way to go. For autumn and spring, flowery and vibrant frock colors are more in vogue both for the kids and adult ladies.

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