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Here you can find pubg news Pakistan today latest and updated from various authentic sources. As Pakistani government and IT ministers have taken the steps to ban it, more and more people and gamers are wondering what’s the latest update and what’s the future for Pubg in Pakistan. I can imagine the anxiety and frustration among the youth.

Finally PUBG is unban in Pakistan. Thank you everyone who put their efforts in this. Great decision by ISB High Court. Congratulations to all Gamers community & PUBG users. High Court order to Unban Pubg. Kudos to the lawyer, Waqar zaka and all those who were trending day and night. Court order to Unban Pubg best news on tv news channel, but many people are still reporting that they are unable to access it.

The Internet is also way too slow in Pakistan and even simple email and cloud services like AWS, GCP, Azure are takin ages to open. The government of PTI has decided to appeal against the Islamabad high court orders as they want to keep the ban in place. I am not sure who is advising them about such nonsense measures but they are bent on damaging the creativity in the country in the name of censure. You have let the youth down. Look at the developing world and the earning through Esports.

PUBG is unbanned in Pakistan. At least now we got a little view about our voice can be heard in this shrewd Country. Idea is not about the shitty game, idea is about limiting your access towards the internet. Hope it never occurs. We as a nation are going backwards just because of the government abusing their power. Wake up Youth of Pakistan before it’s too late.

Unknown battle ground in Pakistan is finally unbanned and people can start earning money through it. We are living in the country where we are lifting bans on life taking (killer )games YES I am talking about #pubgbaninpakistan ,this game has taken the precious lives of 1500 youngers in the year 2020. And on the other hand unfortunately we are ranking 2nd in world strange things. Now this is another point of view.

Waqar Zaka definitely deserves big thanks for constantly raising awareness and educating everybody about the issue. He prevailed over elected officials. He also stood up to the IT minister and made sure that the high ups listen to him and rectify this matter. Maj Gen (R) Amir Bajwa Chairman PTA should also listen to the youth and then take the decision by taking all view points in perspectives.

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