Ok. I’m NOT marrying a Pakistani man anymore

marrying a Pakistani

Ok. I’m NOT marrying a Pakistani man anymore, said my friend emphatically when I asked her when she was planning to marry. She has already turned 27, doing literally nothing except watching Netflix and just gossiping.

She said to me that can I suggest something-having lived and travelled around the world, I have discovered that the best men or women for marriage are the ones who were born and raised in western world and at some point in life made a conscious decision to convert to Islam. They offer best of both worlds. Well, I am not sure what’s her logic and reasons behind this but now she is bent on finding such a match.

I told her that whoever she marries, she should just stick to the fact that its reasonable and loving one. If there’s 50/50 chance of the person turning out to be a manipulative sociopath later on, it makes perfect sense to avoid that lot altogether. Who’d want to make a choice with those odds? Pretty understandable decision. Every person is change from other even if they are brothers. Try to find a good man no problem from anywhere and from any cast from any country.just try to find a good person

The importation of authentic and cultured spouses should be stopped once and for all. Good luck ahead. Good decision. But you just have to remove words “a Pakistani man” from your tweet and it will become perfect. I guess no Pakistani man would want to marry you either. Maybe Pakistanis are smart enough to make that decision. We don’t want those who don,t want our Pakistani boys, thats the general reaction to her.

Marriage is a sacred bond and should be respected. It shouldn’t be taken that lightly especially by single girls in Pakistan who really don’t have much future and who need the support as always. My friend will realize that and I hope that by then its not too late. She needs some one in her life as she is depressed and lonely and badly needs a companion in the tough ways of life. Life is too short to be wasted like this.

I have also engaged now some of the match making people to find a good groom for her in Karachi or anywhere in Pakistan. So if you are interest feel free to apply through online application or by sending your photo and details.

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