Save DOW Hostel

save dow hostel

Save DOW hostel in Karachi is the need of hour because its creating quite an anxiety among the students who reside in Karachi and especially those who come from far flung areas. Firstly, they cannot afford anywhere else and besides this hostel is just near to their classes. How can a poor students who barely afford the university fees can afford private hostels?

DOW is a med school where youth from rural areas of Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir come to study medicine. Giving away their hostel to IPMR means that these youth will be deprived of medical education opportunities. This appeal of Save DOW Hostel is from the students of underdeveloped areas, as this is like playing with their already uncertain future.

What’s the future of medical student of DOW? It is sheer injustice with the students who come from far off places. Everyone should condemn this act and rise voice against authority. This issue must be raised timely. How can you imagine, that student from a country in which we dont have a proper basic facilities like hostel will do some thing extra ordinary and represent his nation globally. Dowites are very angry.

hey are the same people you were calling frontline heros some days before. They are the some people you want your child to be. They are the same people you call Angle when the save a life. And after all that you treat them like this. Sick mentality? Our authorities close educational institute to avoid spreading of Covid in student, at the same time they create these situations which make these students to protest for there rights. Will covid-19 not spread in protest?

Dow Hostel should not be snatched from students. They are the heroes of the future who will come to the front line at any time to fight an epidemic like covid 19. Where will they stay when the hostel is taken away? Patients’ Welfare Association, also known as PWA, is one of the largest and oldest student run volunteer NGO of Pakistan. Students of Dow Medical College have been managing it since 1979, by depriving students from hostel, this glorious work will suffer.

Students of DMC are protesting for their hostel building. Their hostel building has been handed over to (IPMR). Proper hostel is their basic right. We condemn such act by admin. Students of Dow medical College protesting for their hostel building Its sad to see a top-notch institute behave in such a way that left students no choice but to protest for their basic right. This is a basic of right Dow’s student give back hostel to Dow students.

Why the hostel is being forcibly evacuated . Dow is putting hurdles in student’s right to education Which is given by our constitution . Educational institutions are supposed to have the facility of hostels. We students of Dow Medical College demand that the DUHS admin reconsiders its cruel decision of snatching the DMC boys’ hostel facility from out-station students. Such a vile, greedy act should be condemned by everyone!

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