Dadu Needs Medical College

Interior Sindh is one area of Pakistan where is acute shortage of doctors especially doctors who understand the local culture and issues. Dadu needs medical college as soon as possible so that local doctors could cure the local patients in timely and proper way. Everyone knows that the doctors from other parts of Pakistan and even from urban Sindh don’t want to work in interior of Sindh because of lack of facilities.

That is why it’s extremely important that Dadu gets its own medical university and teaching hospital. If a campus of NED university can be set up in as far an area as Mithi, why not a campus of LUMHS in Dadu. It is the right of the youth of Dadu. Interior Sindh is as part of Pakistan as any other area. Since independence these areas are backwards and lack education and especially the higher education. Its about time that the government pay attention to this dire situation, listen to the students and do the needful. Students from Dadu are raising voices for their basic fundamental right please support them.

He who opens school door, closes a Prison. Dadu needs medical college which will be benifit for people of whole Dadu district. Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong. Education the Only way to move forward and progress in the Society. The underprivileged areas always neglected when it comes to quality education. The students of Dadu demands a medical college in the district, the government must take necessary steps.

Not a single professional university in the whole district in this 21st century. How would we progress then? he largest district of Sindh was Dadu District. There are Universities and Colleges in Jamshoro District, but why refuse to give Dadu District a Medical College? Dadu District is home to the Medical College. As a doctor, you don’t practice medicine, rather you become the medicine yourself. Being a citizen of dadu its my right to raise voice for the rights of my city. Every student wants medical college.

Medical education does not exist to provide students with a way of making a living, but to ensure the health of the community. In this modern competitive era education is our basic need, If u not facilitate the required resources for our basic need then how you expect better future from new generation? We have a lot of need to bulit medical college in Dadu so this is our basic need, if one medical college is built in dadu there are lot of students which take alot of benefits belonging to different cities such as kakar, Mehar, Johi etc.

Let the students of dadu serve in medical field so that our health system may be ameliorated. D.H.Q hospital Kamber another state of art health facility completed by SindhGovt.I haven’t seen this level of quality infrastructure even in big private hospitals.Can anyone point me to Govt hospitals in Punjab or KP established under PTIGovt even slightly close to this facility. They need to do the same for Dadu.

Dadu district where poets, thinkers and writers were born but there is no medical college to become a good doctor in society. We appeal to the Government of Sindh that Dadu wants a medical collage. The students of dadu have always taken keen interest in every educational competition. Don’t suppress their talent. It’s is necessary to have a medical college in dadu district because dadu has about 20 lac population and they want to education.

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