Pakistani Girl and Kitten Real Story

Pakistani girl and kitten real story of love is out now. It’s not about a pet abuse and its not about some sort of pervert thing which many are thinking and trending it all around the social media. The truth is very innocent and you will be laughing after reading it.

For those who are starting a new topic of “Feminism & Mard ki Hawas”. Yad rakhyn apky Baap Bhai b Mard hyn. All five fingers are not equal. So please remain on the topic and raise the voice for Justice not for you own satisfaction. The question is not “Are they Muslims?”. The question is Are they human? Because human doesn’t do this kind of sub-human thing and may be not even animals.

The illiterate rate of Pakistan is Increasing Day by Day and the People are Breaking laws and Do whatever they want .Nobody is here to ask them .Please Stop all this shit “Kuch tou Reham Karo”. Children are abuse in this country every day! Even the animals are not safe who dont have their voice to speak. They got burned, killed, tortured & more. Someone has to do something or this kind of stuff will happen everyday without any fear. No one is safe anymore.

Where out society is going? What is going to happen with us? This is the video of a guy whose kitten case is viral. According to him he is just acting in a video but wait tell me sir, humping a cat just for fun is ok? We have lost our moral and religion values. There should be strict punishment for the rapists. But there are no laws for humans, So how can we demand justice for a animal?

This can’t be the teaching of our deen balke ye to insani fitrat k bhi khilaaf hai. They are mentally retarded people which i think adult industries play a vital role creating these normal humans into monsters. I Blame the GOVERNMENT, I Blame the LAWS, I Blame the SOCIETY. Shame on Blind Government shame on @ImranKhanPTI is that your riyast e Madina?? You didn’t arrest even a single rapper what else we want from you. Unfortunately i have to say this.

Feeling Ashamed of being a part of this Society. My hands are shaking rapidly and also my eyes are wet gutted ashamed as a human being I don’t know where we human are heading probably towards end of this world. Dunia akhirat sab kali. Thats why i strongly believe on ruthless punishment for such kind of cases. He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals, i am afraid by thinkng that wht these boys will do with humans in future. Aj na roka to kal ko to ye dren gy nae kuch bhi krny se.

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