What Maruf Zaidi did and Who is He?

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Guys hear me out. This is important.

1. What Maruf Zaidi did was completely wrong. I condemn that. I am a Muslim and it hurt my sentiments seeing someone trash-talking about my beloved Prophet PBUH.
2. We saw that tweet. We reported him. We asked others to do the same and that’s where we stop. We did what had to be done. Stop the hashtag. Report it.
3. The authorities must deal with the matter. They must look into it. No one is allowed to take the law in their hands. It won’t make you a better Muslim. It’ll make you the worse one because my religion is all about peace, love, and forgiveness.
4. All those giving him death threats, asking for the death penalty should be reported immediately. You have no right to do that.
5. Since the post is on Facebook now, try your best to take it down bec 90% Facebook users are extremists.
6. He shall face the law and if, in the near future, he asks forgiveness, forgive him. Forgiveness makes you the bigger person. Kuchh Allah pe bhi chor do had kaam Apne hath mai mat lo
7. Demand an apology. Stop demanding death. It is upon Allah who He shall grant with death or life. Agle insaan ki behtari ki dua kia karo. Aur khud bhi better insaan bano.
8. Kuchh sharam karlo tum sab. Zilhajj ke mahine mai bajaye duaayein do aglon ko badd-duaeein dete ho. Jis Nabi SAW se itni muhabbat hai unn ki baaton pe amal bhi kia karo.
Forgive. Love. Spread peace.

For the God sake please stop showing sympathy for him. there is a huge difference between doing by real or by mistake this mf did this second time. I wish he could get the punishment as according to law and FIA must investigate this case properly and asap. But no one must take law into their own hands. Our country is not lawless and we have the rules and regulations and no one is above them.

Its saddening that passing blasphemous statements against religion and Prophet S.A.W has become a trend. In the name of freedom of speech this liberal lot is mocking religion. This should be stopped. But again, no one should take law into their hands.

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