Hajj Live 2020 Today Streaming in Pakistan

corona hajj

Hajj Mubarak dbz are being sent everywhere as Hajj live 2020 today streaming in Pakistan online for free. You can watch it here. Amidst Coronavirus pandemic, this is very emotional time for the Muslims around the globe as the attendance is very low as compared to the earlier times.

Small number of luckiest people of this globe were able to perform #Hajj this year, May ALLAH SWT give everyone a chance to be there, May ALLAH SWT end this pandemic as soon as possible. AAMEEN. UBHAN ALLAH, Historic scenes from Makkah as the Hujjaj performing the Tawaf with social distancing. This is one great spectacle live from Saudi Arabia as people flock to that Holy place.

“I am at Your service, O Allah, I am at Your service. You have no partner. I am at Your service. Praise and blessing belong to You, and the Kingdom. You have no partner.” An excellent example of performing the Hajj this year due to the corona virus. To my Muslim friends here happy Eid in advanceParty popper Blue heart, and don’t forget tomorrow is the Day of Arafah so let’s grab the opportunity. May Allaah accept from us forgive and bless us.

In order for the women not to get tired during the Tawaf (Ritual around the Kaaba), they were placed in the first circle. This is Islam! Red heart. This is respect for women in the most respected country in the world. May Almighty Allah accept everyone’s Hajj and bless us all in this world and hereafter, Ameen. Labbaik Allahuma labbaik! These are the luckiest people in the whole world! May Allah give us all the chance to perform Hajj.

Mashallah Mashallah no words to describe about the blessings of these chosen ones this year. Ya Allah make it ease for all of them those are performing hajj and those who are serving to them incredibly. Beautiful video of the arrival Tawaf for Hajj 2020. How blessed are these people. May Allah accept their Hajj. Another example which demonstrates the universality of Islamic injunctions regarding the practice of religion is the instance of #Hajj, the pilgrimage. This grand display of universality is seen nowhere else in any other religion.

Pilgrims will listen to sermon to be delivered at Nimra Mosque and perform Zuhr and Asr prayers together. Tawaf during Hajj 2020. What a time to be alive! Great example of SOPs being followed. When I heard the news that there will be no #Hajj2020 due to covid19 I was too lost and thought that Allah hm sy bht naraz ho Gaye hn but when they allowed… it a sense of relief for many of us like me… Indeed they are blessed one who are performing.

In the spirit of the day, let’s remember the suffering Muslims across the world, remember our country Nigeria, ultimately let’s remember the Pandemic, Ask Allah to change the situation of the world, heal our land and cause everything to return back to normal. New Kiswah of Ka’ba! May ALLAH SWT bless us all to touch this kiswah before it changes next year.

The best day of the year is upon us! Things to do:
1. Fast
2. Supplicate (du’a)
3. Give charity
4. Du’a
5. Read Qur’an
6. Du’a
7. Du’a
8. Du’a…..

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