Tribute To Amar Jagdish kumar Malani

Amar Jagdish kumar Malani

Great Amar Jagdish kumar Malani Ex MPA PPP and Amar Moti Ram Malani EX MNA PPP both were brave and loyal to PPP. Jagdish Malani was founder member of PPP in Tharparkar. Legacy will never die. Remembering both on their death anniversary. Salute to Amar Jagdish Malani for his great struggle.

The words can’t define your legendary life. The hero of Tharparkar and a great friend of my grand father late seth Moolachand Moolani. We always miss u uncle Amar Jagdesh Malani sahab. 31st July the day observed as 27th death anniversary of Amar Jagdesh Kumar Malani & Amar Moti Ram Malani. It’s day to tribute two souls who introduced parliamentary politics in Thar.

Sushil Malani, son of Amar Malani tweets, “27 years ago my father MPA Amar Jagdesh Malani left us, I was just 9 years old when this tragedy happened, after a short time my uncle MNA Moti Ram Malani also left this world, my father was d foundation member of PPP Thar, both d father & uncle were very close to BB Shaheed. Begum Nusrat treated my father like her son & BB Shaheed used to tie Rakhi on his wrist, d relation b/w PPP & Malani family is 3 decades old, the strongest & purest bond. Today my uncle @MaheshMalaniPPP is reprsntng PPP’s flag, InshaAllah ds bond wil remain same 4ever.”

Pakistan People’s Party has a long line of heroes starting right from its founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Benazie Bhutto, what a legend she was. Her sudden and sad demise really struck me hard personally as she was so close to heart. I was never a fan of PPP and her because of establishment propaganda but her assassination shook me from the core and then I realized how wrong I was.

The mind-set of the Establishment and her stern opponents did not accept Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and they continued to hatch conspiracies against her. In very clear words, she warned the world to not promote extremism and militancy as this was going to become a big monster, which would come back to bite everyone. I hope that Bilawal Bhutto also carry on her mission with courage and without any compromises.

I wish the world had listened to Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and had well understood her vision, and today the monster of extremism and terrorism would have not overcome us all. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’ sculpture in her that green dress is placed in Madame Tussaud’s Museum London in her memories and in recognition of her services and to remind the visitors about her charismatic and towering political personality.

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