Ramiz Raja – Most Useless Cricketer Ever

With only 2 centuries (against minnows with lousy opponents) in a bag full of test matches plus most dismal performances in one day internationals; Ramiz Raja is a great commentator but most useless cricketer ever. Just pickup his statistics and averages in all formats of Cricket and you would know what I am talking about.

I still remember when he used to open batting for Pakistan. Either he would get out or would just waste balls until 15 hours and then get out after scoring single digit scores, and then the whole team would suffer throughout the innings. His fielding was as crappy as his batting with the record of dropping most catches in all the positions he was offered. Just by stroke of luck he was in the team which won the world cup for Pakistan in 1992 and that’s another tragedy in hindsight.

From lousy performances to match fixing, and from team politics to destroying the morale of the team; Ramiz has always been in the wrong place. These days he is trying to get attention of another idiot who is a selected and rigged premier of Pakistan. Ramiz is making a fool of himself on social media by posting wrong photos and locking horns with other politicians just to get some cricket board position. He is being given a hard time by everyone.

Photo with the post is also a historical one. This is a picture from 2085 taken in Geneva, when there was an anti-Insafian uprising and Ramiz bhai lead the Insafian forces to crush the rebellion. His popular battle cry “Duck the Haq” still echoes in Geneva. He was also very insecure about the size of his gun. Ramiz Raja was also always insecure about his position in the team and that is why he focused more on inner politics and appeasing the board members rather than learning how to bat.

Ramiz Raja’s legendary fight with Mohammad Yousaf in the talk show is also a real treat to watch where Yousaf is dressing down Ramiz in a glorious way, and Ramiz just loses his whatever there is. Yousaf also talks about how shameless Ramiz is and how lousy his career in Cricket always was. But again Ramiz is a real shameless character who only wants to get some position in this inept and corrupt PTI government by hook or crook.

This is what we have come to in this unfortunate country.

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