Srinagar Highway

srinagar highway

‘Kashmir Highway in Islamabad to be renamed as “Srinagar Highway” from 5th of August and it will take us to Srinagar’, says Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Oh my God, man, what a dimwitted lot is imposed over this already unfortunate country. This is beyond ridiculous and commonsense.

The same school of thought has named a door at a Shrine as “Behashti Darwaza” to make their followers believe that passing through it will take them to the heaven. Hope you will understand where the foreign policy is going. We are really good at these gimmicks which make us laughing stock around the globe but yet manages to cajole people at home who remain satisfied with these lame things.

But then at the end of day, it shouldn’t feel strange. The intellect tht is truly running Pakistan is capable only as such. Yes and after celebrating exploitation day, India will voluntarily hand over Kashmir to us. What difference will it make to Kashmire and it’s people, its just more of a cosmetic effort and a silly one at that. But well, hopefully there will be rest areas and service stations all the way. Can be a long drive.

Another gimmick is that we are going to celebrate Youm-e-Istehsal on August 5 to show solidarity with the Kashmiri people. Now go figure. The sheer suddenness of the move, the unexpected nature of the move, the unpredictability of the move, the fact there is warning we are going to rename our highway. I think probably enough to scare India so that it vacates the Kashmir.

After renaming Islamabad’s Kashmir highway to Srinagar highway on Aug 5, Kashmir ban jaeyga Pakistan. He don’t bother what the world and public is saying. Failed in governance so they want to play Kashmir card. Only stupid &ignorant would believe that by naming Kashmir highway to Srinagar Highway. What a bad joke it is. Kashmiris really don’t care about SMQ, renaming of highways or anything related to that. They know that this PTI is a pack of fools.

This comedy of errors and blunders won’t end here. What selectors have imposed on us will stay here for a long time and we would keep suffering. But then we deserve this and probably this is what is going to make us an ultimate example of coward people who said nothing when our ballots were stolen. We also deserve this as we don’t have the courage to say wrong a wrong and we keep living in lala land created by foolish dreams.

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