Arooj Azeem Gill and Ross O’Carrol Quinlan Wedding

asheer azeem daugther arooj

So the daughter of Asher Azeem Gill Arooj Azeem Gill has married a white Christian male and the social media in Pakistan is on fire. The funniest thing is that some people are lamenting that why a Muslim girl has done that not knowing at all that Asher and his daughter are Christian.

We congratulate both Arooj and her husband Ross on their wedding and wish them best through and through. The photos of their union are great and awesome. They both look happy and that’s what matter really and its none of anyone’s business to lift finger on them and question their backgrounds. Being a norm in Pakistan, we take it as our birthright to criticize people for no reason even if we don’t know them and even if it doesn’t concern us at all.

Many Congratulations Asher Sir. May Allah have all the blessings on ur family. I still remember the drama Dhuwan. Your acting and the drama was top class. You were my hero during school days. My good wishes with you and you family. This is how we should react and this is how we should always give our feedback if it’s totally necessary for us to say something otherwise we should keep quiet and mind our own business.

Ashir’s own wedding was talk of town. I remember his wedding also, it was in 1997 in Islamabad, if I am not mistaken. That was a grand wedding and was attended by many notables including many showbiz people from around the world. The photo shoots were also too good for that time and set a trend. How time passes so quickly. Ashir’s beautiful wife was also a sensation and she was so graceful. They both look great together.

Nothing like seeing your generation move to there next phase of life, I hope this will bring happiness and joy to Ashir’s family. Wish you and your family a very Happy Eid Mubarak. Good wishes and prayers for new partner. May they have a peaceful & prosperous life. I hope that one day Ashir would return to Pakistan and would again start acting in the dramas as he is all about quality and never compromises on the talent.

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  1. congratulations Asher

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