Watch Parwaaz Hai Junoon Online for Free

Watch Parwaaz Hai Junoon Online for Free

Watch Parwaaz Hai Junoon online movie for free and you can also download it to your laptop or your mobile in no time in Pakistan. The Pakistani cinema must be proud of having this movie on the box office which has been awaited for a long time by everyone here and abroad.

t’s a masterpiece. Movie is so much inspiring. Marvelous story and Thoroughly enjoyed the performances. This scene has my whole heart. he was so patriotic! So happy that PHJ is trending. So proud of you. This movie always give me the goosebumps. FireHeart suit. One of the best movie of Pakistan Flag of Pakistan. This movie always make me cry almost because I relate myself there.

When i watched this movie along my friends in emporium mall. We all were like “wow, simply wow.” Yes, this movie has that wow factor which you won’t find in any other movie as the storyline is simply out of this world and the cast is so powerful that one wonders how come this is possible. Kubra is also so gorgeous and hot along with Hamia Amir hot dances and cute innocent dialogues. Kubra is so perfect for Fiza’s role.

I love hamia more than anything. But these two in this movie make an extremely cute couple. The way saad started falling for saniya was so cute. But i’ll say that the writer did it good not to florish their relation. JF17 thunder has a superior technology than Rafael with PL15 missile air to air combat capability to target beyond 300km sight vision
Regardless of how many Rafaels india buy, courage will not come with it Allah has given PAF this technology & courage with imaan.

“dhonde nazar tumko“ plays, hamza appears on screen right at that moment and sania had that “I MADE HIM PROUD“ smile on her face. sania’s nazar was only looking for hamza. That could be the best scene ever on any silver screen around the globe. The songs of Parwaaz Hai Junoon are not only melodious you can make a ring tone or whatsapp dpz of them. Premiere of this movie is now in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and everywhere in Pakistan.

“Hamza ki muhabbat ne mujhe itna bahadur bana diya k aaj main airforce pilot hun“. This girl who was afraid of airplanes is now an airforce pilot. Hamza’s muhabbat really changed her. This is the power of this movie. I’m so content with the fact that Farhat Ishtiaq did not gave a push to Saad and Sania’s relation. I love how Hamza and Sania were always for eachother and no one else. In this world and even after death. They were together always.

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