Regularize Sindh Teachers

Regularize Sindh Teachers

Regularize Sindh teachers has become more than a demand and request because it’s a genuine issue faced by the sector of community who is responsible for our current and next generation. It’s about time that the education ministry of Sindh look into this matter with seriousness and urgency.

We all meritorious deserve regularization because we are sincere in our efforts to grow our team and motivate and lead our students in school. We have changed our schools as model schools, let us continue our efforts. Regular the IBA HM without contesting the SPSC exam through an act, because they have already qualified the high rank test of IBA university Sukkur and other parts of Sindh province.

Sindh is literally sinking in the abyss of illiteracy, only the possible sign which may save Sindh is this team of upcoming young teachers, working in the field of education. It’s not that hard to promote their efforts and reward their excellencies. Its only a matter of regularization their jobs and remember that these teachers have the uncanny and time-proven power to change the Sindh and its future. Contract policy is like a mental torture to meritorious teachers of Sindh. All contractual teachers may be regularized at the earliest.

Chronic contract policy on permanent posts of teachers & headteachers is conspiracy, obstacle towards reforms in education sector.Teachers must be appointed on permanently through merit-based process. Appeal to Sindh government end our suffering. Recently Punjab govt has regularised teachers & educators (BPS:17) through cabinet & assembly act.We are urging repeatedly to pay heed to genuine grievances of teachers & headteachers regarding long-standing issue of jobs regularisation.

Punjab Government in Pakistan is taking all the possible measures to regularize their employees in Education in this regard they have almost completed all the codal formalities even for scale 17 employees as well, So is expected from you, Mr. CM of Sindh. Hardworking teachers are hanging between hope and depression. Its appeal to Sindh Govt that remove the sword of contract and save the future of children and education.

CM Sindh is requested to consider the matter . for the sake of Quality Education in Sindh, “Sound mind in Sound body” is possible with tense Free involvement in teaching and learning process. The Young talent wants to utilize all the abilities that they have, here just your Support is needed in the perspective of regularization. Regularize Sindh teachers is not just a slogan anymore but a movement. Young teachers has proven their ability in Education department in spite of that they are in contractual punishment so sad.

Support contractual teachers & headteachers for long-standing issue of jobs regularisation. Regularize all contractual teacher’s from the date of initial appointment and that is the only solution. We worked as team builders and understood the importance of relationships, empower our staff and students and showed great empathy. We call upon the CM Sindh & Chairmen PPP to give these talented young teachers of Sindh a permanent opportunity to further their education in Sindh through the Assembly Act.

We want confirmation from date of joining and we want regulations Sindh university pass teacher and also IBA and Iqra university pass teachers. Teachers who were appointed in 2012 are deprived of salaries. Honourable Chief Minister issued instructions to release their salaries but instructions should be implemented. BA HMs & teachers must be free from frustrations though they can teach with freedom. Sindh university teachers are suffering since 11 years an account of job insecurities 40 teachers have lost their lives battle they demand justice.

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