PM IK Stands With Karachi

PM IK Stands With Karachi

They say that PM Imran Khan is not political, but who cares when he does what’s best for us? He saw the total failure of PPP led Sindh Govt after the rains and directed NDMA to help in Karachi, which per Shaheen Sehbai will change entire landscape of Karachi.

For the first time, Karachi has voted for a federal party and PM Imran Khan will assure that it will not vote for any regional party again. Giving more than allocated quota of Natural Gas to @KElectricPk to provide uninterrupted power to Karachi. Consensus from stakeholders is the way forward if we want to move towards permanent solutions for Karachi. Clean up operations provide temporary relief to the city but the opportunity to resolve the problem lies with those in power.

The worst part of PPP incompetence is that they do not accept the problem/issues. In other words they have no intention for work. They all just busy doing corruption. Sindh govt and PPP kept ranting 18th Ammendment but did nothing. IK rightly stepped forward as Chief Executive of the country. There is very little Federal Govt can do for Karachi after the 18th amendment & PPP govt’s negligence from its constitutional responsibilities towards Karachi.

The foundation of all science & human development is based on asking questions and observation, yet why there are so many speakers no listeners or observers! Why people call themselves speakers why not listeners or observers? Karachi must be made as a province and federal city. Each country’s largest city is of special economic & social importance,but unfortunately Karachi has been reduced to trash by the PPP’s poor performance. PM Imran Khan has mobilized to restore lights in Karachi & People of Sindh will be given their rights.

After the 18th amendment, administrative matters are the responsibility of the provincial govt, but the PPP, despite the 3rd consecutive govt. in Sindh, could not provide Karachi with a drainage system! Now government is here to fix the issues and ordered the NDMA to clean Karachi’s storm drains. Old proverb: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Instead of blaming others, PPP must answer for 12 consecutive years of ruling Sindh. No more excuses for neglecting infrastructure, health, education & civic facilities of our cities.

Karachi has been destroyed by PPP Govt. Now PMIK has came as rescuer to save Karachi and to stand with people of Karachi in these difficult times. Now Pakistan will see a clean and changed Karachi. This government is and will InshaAllah give lights back to city of Lights. With the vision of PM Imran Khan Karachi will be again business hub of Pakistan and a glittering star in the whole region.

PTI will Insha Allah fulfill all promises which it has made with Karachi and rest of Pakistan. PPP has completely destroyed Karachi. People lost their lives suffered a lot during rainfall but all they were doing posting old pictures of rainfall on social media, when PM Imran Khan came to know he immediately took action. Thank you Prime Minister. Imran Khan has showed us again and again that he can do wonders. And now it’s Karachi’s turn. Stay tune Karachi.

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