Spotify Download in Pakistan

Spotify Download in Pakistan with Spotify apk is here for free and all the easy steps are given with screenshots. All you have to do  is to follow the instructions. Spotify in Pakistan should be allowed as soon as possible. In this age and in these times, it’s totally weird to know we don’t have such a great app in our country as this only shows that we don’t value the innovation and we are not with the world. Spotify download is so hard in Pakistan and Spotify apk is hard to get by. Spotify premium is a distant dream.

Banning is a medieval practice. When someone in power bans a way of life, an ideology or simply a platform that they don’t agree with or benefit from, they set a precedent for generations to come to do the same. Thus discouraging talks and differences and encouraging intolerance. This really becomes sometimes very painful to just discuss but someone has to raise the voice and call the black black and white white.

This is not just about any app or game (yes I am referring to Pubg) for that matter. it is about the digital future of flag of Pakistan. Every field will be affected, and I mean every field literally as you will see. I am a victim of the ridiculous ban we had to face on YouTube for 5 years. We are again at the same stage. Please don’t let it happen again as this will hamper our progress and would make us a laughing stock.

Also, a message to the youth, I know it can be very frustrating & demoralising leken har subha se pehle andhera hota hai. I request everyone protesting the bans to not use any hate speech. want to live in a country where there is no banning culture. Where the youth has enough awareness to know whats right & wrong for them. For that we must invest everything we can in our basics & schooling to get results in coming years. Not by banning games.

Only if we invest in our education system as much, that we make our children – the future of this country, into humans with stable minds, we would never have to worry about any platform or game being harmful to the society. Basics change karo, pubg or spotify nahi. Spotify just a music app and nothing monstrous. I wonder why cannot I enjoy the music I like, the way I like and why it has to be that hard?

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