Hoodbhoy Fights With Mariam Chughtai

Hoodbhoy Fights With Mariam Chughtai

Hoodbhoy Fights With Mariam Chughtai in a live TV show. The acrimony goes bit farther than that as its more than clash of ideas between the two scholars. This is extremist behaviour by Dr Hoodbhoy. When people don’t have any sound arguments, they start talking like this. Mariam Chughtai has our support through and through.

Dr Hoodbhoy has completely lost it. Whats the difference between him and those religious extremists, whom he often criticises? Calling out Dr Mariam Chughtai as ‘Fasaad’ goes onto show his actual bigoted mindset. So who is Dr. Mariam Chughtai? The profile of Mariam Chughtai is quite impressive. She is a Harvard graduate and an assistant professor in LUMS school of education. She is also Pakistan director of Harvard Mittal institute, and a director of Chughtai lab.

Pervez Hoodbhoy calls Mariam Chugtai Fassadi akin to TTP when he repeatedly fails to make any sound argument. Also notice how easily self anointed liberals call fellow Pakistanis “extremist”, “Taliban Khan” & “Good Taliban” who they dare to have a different opinion than theirs. Forgive my language but Pervaiz Hoodbhoy looks and behaves like a rabid bigot here. It seems that he can’t argue, he can only jump at you.

Dr. Hoodbhoy is such a petty man, after unable to defend his Islamophobic views on SNC he retorted to personal attacks against Dr. Mariam Chughtai. Called her Fasaadi and likened her with a supporter of TTP. Remember the outrage we showed when Khalil ur Rehman Qamar attacked Marvi Sirmed on tv? This is why you won’t see outrage. Because the so-called left doesn’t call out their own as much as it should. Hope Mr Hoodbhoy apologizes to Ms Chughtai & he understands his mistake.

When left with no points, Hoodbhuoy equates the female scholar with terrorist TTP who shot Malala and were defeated by Pakistan’s Army. One shouldn’t even bother waiting for a condemnation from his supporters. He should be charged by PEMRA. That Dr Hoodbhoy sounds and looks like an angry mother in law as he called Dr Mariam Chugtai a fasaadi. Tauba…these outrageously rude intellectuals.

Dr. Mariam explained that in SNC includes:

1. Teacher training guides
2. Assessment frameworks
3. Sample Textbooks

In the Islamiat curriculum for classes of KG to 5, basic morality lessons are included by the consensus of all “Islamic schools of thoughts”. Dr. Chughtai explained there is nothing wrong if students read Quran in their 30 min Islamiat class instead of going to Madrassahs. Apparently this triggered Dr Hoodbhoy and he called her “Fasaadi” and likened her with TTP.

Not a body language expert but given the obvious red rage face and veins popping of Hoodbhoy, if Dr. Mariam and Hoodbhoy are left alone for debate in study room with no people watching & no cameras. He would most likely abuse her and might even try to throw something to hit her. I request Madam Mariam Chughtai to not waste her time with bigots like Hoodbhoy anymore and instead do something more productive. May be take a nap.

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