Saba Qamar Dance in Masjid

saba qamar dance in masjid

Saba Qamar Mujra is expensive in Lahore but now saba qamar dance in masjid is taking rounds as this time she has gone too far. She tried her like with Irrfan Khan in Bollywood, got Dengue in Lahore, fought with peer girls and now Bilal Saeed and Saba Qamar scandal is on fire.

What a vicarious embarrassment I’m feeling while editing this picture that I can’t even see it twice. I mean where are we standing as a Muslim? And the most deplorable thing is they’re still justifying it! How can you even hold hands like this? shame? But I don’t expect that from this call girl in Lahore who is readily available for anyone who has the money and clout.

So my opinion is here. Shame on all who are defending her. Mosques are only for the worship of Allah. But not for shootings of songs movies r tiktok. Islam orders to veil the women while going out & here women are dancing in the mosques. If a person itself reveals the truth that we are unaware of and behaving humbly then who are we to judge and showing aggression for no reason.

We all knows masajids are “house of Allah” ,place for worship, saba qamar should apologise for this act or govt should take serious action about shooting of a song in masjid against saba qamar and management of the masjid for allowing them. This is really shameful they should be ashamed of doing this shitty dance in masjid bas naam key musalman hain yeh. I cannot believe who actually thought of this and who sang this song and who allowed it?

I demand urgent call of action against Media Production Saba Qamar, Bilal Saeed and the management of Masjid. Mosque, the holy place on the earth and these ignorant shooting there Haram songs there. Shame on you! Now where are celeb who criticises on Ertrugrul? You celebrities are showing what?Confused face many people follow you. What msg you are giving to them. Shame on you. Kate being a non muslim she respected the masjid but you.

These people are basically so called representing Pakistani Culture and its your culture to dance in Mosque ? and what is Punjab Police doing these actors and actress are sharing their weddings pics n there is no Inquiry. The rules should be same for everyone. We are Strongly Demand to Govt of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to take action against responsible. This is really shameful act, they should be ashamed of doing this nanga dance in masjid. Does Islam teach us that?

Secretary Aquaf Govt of Punjab has already ordered DG Auqaf to conduct inquiry of the Masjid Wazir Khan matter where Private Company shooting Saba Qamar Bilal Saeed video violated terms of NOC, agreed with administration. Strict action will be taken against ppl involved including the administration. This hue and cry over Saba Qamar ‘s video recording in a mosque is justified but we as a society are also contributor in this sin. How?it was us who normalized doing all sins inside mosques instead of offering 2 Rakat. It was us who normalized nikkah photoshootes inside mosques.

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