Emaar Sea Front Appartments in Karachi

Emaar Sea Front appartments in Karachi

Emaar Sea Front apartments in Karachi are on sale on discounted prices as the Coronavirus pandemic rages on. The price is on average 6 crore Pakistani rupees for a 2 bedroom sea facing flat right on the top of building. Numerous Emaar projects are going on including Crescent bay, Coral Towers, Clifton Towers etc.

Sea Front appts in Karachi. A 2-bedroom here goes upward of 6 crore. This in Karachi language is called as ‘Proper Chuna.’ Emaar Sea Front appartments in Karachi are selling like hot cakes now. One wonders from where people are getting this kind of money to lavish on just 2 bed room flats on the Karachi shores. The Karachi beaches are dirty, croweded and getting destroyed too and yet look at these property prices.

If you get the more luxurious flats on these towers, they are near 9 to 10 crores for a 3 bedroom flat with a single bathroom and an inside Kitchen with no laundry. The balcony is there but its not as wide as you would hope. The layout of flats is also shoe  box like and you would think that the only purpose of these apartments is to show off that you live right on the beach and you can view the ocean from your top floor, and thats about it.

The property developer in Karachi says that your first choice for self-contained waterfront accommodation in Karachi shouldnt be that expensive as current market is very very over-priced and not in sync with the reality. The EMAAR tower is good though. With panoramic sea views, balcony and designated parking space, it’s perfect for couples, friends and families wanting a break by the sea.

super comfy and well-equipped, with lots of extra touches. The flat is in a lovely central location, a few minutes walk past the main pier, with fabulous sea views from the living room and front bedroom. The sea-facing balcony wraps around the front of the building. A great place to watch the waves or amazing sunsets. The modern bathroom has a large shower and slipper bath. The kitchen is well equipped.

So should you buy these apartments? Well if you like to pay over the board for what you want then yes but from investment point of view, I am not sure so do your own due diligence and make sure that you check adjacent towers too.

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