PHUDA Pakistan

PHUDA Pakistan

Whoever has come up with this acronym of PHUDA Pakistan for Pakistan housing and urban development authority has got an acute sense of humor or should I say a very specific weird sense as this could mean a very different thing in Urdu. Phuda word in Urdu or Punjabi has got a very different connotation to it.

Just imagine if you ask your friend who works there as where he work and he would say, “I work in Phuda.” First you would get startle and then you would start laughing but then after watching the serious look on his face you would start getting worried about his mental state. Yes, such is the hilarity or seriousness of this word at the same time. I know it sound paradoxical  but that is what it is, a paradox.

Yes I agree that housing is an issue in Pakistan and if government has started a housing scheme that may be a fine step but we have seen thousands of such schemes by every government going fruitless and at the end of day it all becomes a futile exercise. Now Phuda forms and phuda applications online are also available plus the Phuda helpline and special quota for poor is also there and people are wondering where to get them.

Government of PTI has appointed Lt. Gen Ali Ejaz as the chairman of Phuda and one hopes that he would steer this ship with dexterity as he has got an extensive experience in management and we can generally trust senior retired army officers in Pakistan. What I don’t really trust is housing minister of PTI and its head honcho who are totally clueless and have no idea about this bureaucracy as the name of this authority suggests.

Well I am not trying to be some one who throws cold water on every good thing but come on what sort of name this Phuda is? Who has name it Phuda? From where it has come from? Everyone in Pakistan knows what it means and its impossible that the person who coined it didn’t know about it. Who would take it seriously? I really want to know the brains behind this genius naming convention for this authority.

I would rather urge the new chairperson to launch an inquiry into this and check who has done this to this otherwise important issue. Housing is critical thing for many as homelessness in Pakistan is extremely big issue and successive governments have failed to address it in every city and town. Low cost housing in Karachi and Lahore has become a distant dream as you can see rubble colonies and apartments everywhere.

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2 Comments on "PHUDA Pakistan"

  1. SHAIKH SAJJAD ELLAHI | August 29, 2021 at 6:50 pm | Reply

    This word PHUDA reflects the mentality of the person who chose this word and it also states his intention that nobody will get any houses,it’s all for them which is the meaning in our language ?

    I strongly condemn and request to change this short name of the housing association because

    PAKISTAN is used in it

    I request

  2. The name reflects seriously bad on whoever has coined it. I’ve been in the bureaucracy and had a chance to coin some acronym but I made sure those were not only meaningful but also pleasant. This word could mean a BRAWL or VAGINA in urdu and Punjabi. And, I’m unaware of a Pakistani who doesn’t understand at least one of those languages. I don’t expect anything from the most corrupt minister housing but world expect PMIK to launch an inquiry and give exemplary punishment to whoever food this misadventure be that a minister, bureaucrat or aa technocrat.

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