Chudail Drama Episodes Online

You can watch chudail drama episodes online for free at Zee5 website or by streaming it onto your mobile phone or on smart TV in Pakistan or across the globe. This Churail drama is about four women who are free and say no to the male dominance in Pakistan. These women are Nimra Bucha, Yasra Rizvi, Mehar Bano, and Sarwat Gilani.

May be this is the beginning of feminist Pakistan or shall we say rise of feminism in Pakistan. Pakistani dramas and theaters are totally conservative when it comes to the taboo issues like Churail drama is telecasting so let’s see how public reacts. The persistence of gender inequality and suffocating atmosphere has scarred the Pakistani society for a long time now and its about time that we rise up to this challenge as a nation.

Feminism is one such movement that has found a voice through screen in the last few years the world over. While other mediums of popular culture have been criticised for their regressive themes and stereotypical representations, this medium is quite liberal and acceptable in various parts of the world. Churail drama may be the start of this trend in Pakistan now as more and more people open up their minds and eyes.

The denial of education to women, the male exclusivity in the print culture, the tendency to ‘vulgarise’ and ‘devalue’ oral culture (generally the female domain), the separation of the private and public space have all served to confine women to certain genres and restrict or erase their presences in others. That is why it is so important to hear other opinions and views too on these matter instead of totally rejecting them.

Protesting against the dresses of Nimra and Mehar is senseless as they are just trying to show off what is the reality. They are humans and just take them as is. Celebrate this drama and cherish their acting. Enjoy the scenes and music and the storyline. Just go with the flow and take it lightly. This drama and the whole idea about is documented as a form self-expression, and sociopolitical criticism.

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