Justice for Jobless PHDs in Pakistan

Justice for Jobless PHDs in Pakistan

Justice for Jobless PHDs in Pakistan is need of hour. Unemployment in Pakistan for PHDs is on the rise as more and more students become jobless after completing their PHDs. One of my Bahria university PHD has recently taken his own life in desperation which is very tragic.

Every time we mourn of not having equipped and professionally qualified staff but we have thousands of jobless Phds, lets raise voice for their proper utilization across the country. Our today’s trend is very clear, We need jobs for all the qualified un-employed PhDs. These are our nation’s strong pillars. Jobless doctors are on road and protesting for their right so please don’t play with their future.

Negligent attitude and discouraging policies continue under which retired people are being reappointed instead of fresh PhDs. About 2000 PhD doctors are unemployed in Pakistan, which seems to be an alarming sign. We can’t progress without highly educated minds.Govt should induct the unemployed PhDs immediately. Universities r busy in nepotism & corruption. While quality education is being destroyed. Visiting faculty is running the varsities.

Hundreds of unemployed PhDs are demanding jobs in Naya Pakistan. The number of jobless PhDs will exceed 3000 at the end of this year in Pak. It is a big question mark on the working institutions. Despite the shortage government is unable to adjust PhDs. The scholars blamed the federal and provincial HECs for their situation, saying, It is also because incompetent people are sitting on the key posts of HEC and PHEC.

We voted PTI because respected PM said before elections that an emergency in education is the need of time. Now where is this emergency? Where are 1 crore jobs? When more and more PhDs are thrown out of work, unemployment results. The system of education in Pakistan is very bad. Sadly, none of the governments took worthwhile steps for the betterment of education. All quality standard are being compromised by both public and private sector.

My heart shatter in to pieces whenever i saw this news. When will this exploitation ends? Why there is no use of PhDs Pakistan. It is time to change policies and preferences. There exist several factors for this imbalance: cultural notions, gender discrimination, apprehensions and risks from fellow students and teachers. This gender imbalance, in turn, affects the development of families and societies.

The teachers in government schools are not well trained. People who do not get job in any other sector, they try their luck in educational system. They are not professionally trained teachers so they are unable to train nation. There exist multiple problems within the Pakistani education system, which are essentially a product of poor funding, gender discrimination, rising costs, poor quality and lack of opportunities.

Unemployed PhDs protested many times against not getting jobs. On the other hand, many educational institutes are hiring retired/contractual/visiting as faculty members. Discouraging trend for young PhDs. One of the chronic problem of our education system is the shortage of teachers. there is a gap between the students and teachers ratio. By the end of this year, the number of jobless PhDs in the country will cross 3,000, the PhD Association of Pakistan (PAP) told The News.

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