Dynamic Bending Light Pakistan Hyundai

Dynamic Bending Light Pakistan Hyundai

Here is an easy explanation of dynamic bending light which is mainly feature of Hyundai SUV in Pakistan and elsewhere. First the answer to question as What is SUV in Pakistan is:

“SUV is powerful vehicle with four-wheel or two-wheel drive that can be driven over rough ground as well as on road.”

Now what is dynamic bending light in Pakistan:

“In Dynamic bending lights, the lights bend or turn in the direction of your steering. If you turn left, the headlight will turn left, if you will turn right, it will turn right. So if you are taking a sharp turn or a blind turn, the dynamic bending light makes road more visible and improves your safety.”

Hyundai has already introduced Dynamic bending light in many of its vehicles including 2017 Sonata, 2017 Santa Fe, 2017 Santa Fe Sport, 2017 Elantra, 2016 Equus and 2016 Tucson. Other SUV manufacturers in Pakistan including Toyota, Honda and Suzuki are thinking about it. RAV4 dynamic bending lights and also in corrolla and Prado are scheduled. I believe that this safety feature would become standard very soon.

During my test drive in Karachi from the Hyundai showroom I found out that dynamic bending light feature really makes it a difference on bumpy and unreliable Karachi roads especially when its a dark night or a rainy foggy day. I often drive long distances out of Karachi, sometimes as far as Lahore and Islamabad and I am sure that this new safety feature would make drive more safe on our not-so-safe roads, which is a big plus.

Hyundai Tucson seems to be the pick of choice for me due to its other safety features and cool body shape. I specifically love it’s creamy drive where the style matches the safety. It’s price is also reasonable and within my budget though I would still appreciate that Hyundai increase their quality and reduce the road noise but may be its just me who finds bit annoying and out of place. But all in all, nitpicking aside, this is quite a ride.

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