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Azaz Syed Breaking News is a hot topic today as social media is abuzz with this news story that there is a strong rift between Pakistani military and the controversial prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, who allegedly became Prime Minister through a controlled and rigged election and now rules Pakistan by suppressing any opposition or contradictory voice with the full backing of military, but now it seems cracks have started appearing.

As per Azaz Syed, cracks have not only appeared between selectors and selected but also those cracks have almost reached to the point of no return. He also breaks that by March 2021, a serious efforts will be done to dislodge Imran Khan from the throne where he thinks he is the descendant of some heavenly power. Azaz Syed Breaking news and story also mentions as how a little Nawaz Sharif has born with in Imran Khan who now wants to exercise his power.

Azaz Syed says that military is very unhappy with Khan because he met with Manzoor Pashteen and made some promises. Military hated that and now doesn’t trust him at all. Military also asked Khan to remove the inept and incompetent Punjab chief minister Usman  Buzdar but Imran’s wife Bushra bibi had told Imran that if he removes CM of Punjab, he would also be gone from the premier ship very soon. Being a believe of supernatural powers, Imran cannot go against the wishes of his wife.

Imran also wants to exercise some of his powers as even foreign office is not listening to him. The Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari’s strong rebuke to the Foreign Office on Saturday that it had let Kashmiris and Prime Minister Imran Khan down in their struggle for the Kashmir cause, conveyed a strong impression at home and abroad that the prime minister and Foreign Office were pursuing their independent policies on the core issue of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, as per The News.

Sharab case against Usman Buzdar by NAB is also an interesting thing which is really giving Imran lots of heart burns. NAB is now seeking details of salary, movable and immovable properties, sources of income and utility bills from Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar as the liquor case gets more traction. Even PTI leadership wants the inept Buzdar gone, but Bushra is more powerful them as we all know. Buzdar was also asked to provide his personal bank accounts, family members or credit cards in his name, loans and other details, so now let’s see what happens there.

But this is like deja vu and now this Imran’s turn to taste the real pills tasted by all the former prime minister who were even elected legitimately unlike him.

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