True Story Behind Nadia Ashraf Suicide in Karachi Uni

true story of nadia ashraf

Nadia Ashraf, a promising student of Dr. Panjuani Center for Molecular Medicine and Research, Karachi University, committed suicide after being harassed by her PhD supervisor Dr. Iqbal Chaudhry. We demand justice for Nadia Ashraf. This is the true story behind Nadia Ashraf suicide in Karachi University.

Every student needs to know their mentor for their research or FYP or any other, especially female students. The supervisor selection decision is a very serious issue, it is directly proportioned your professional life and practical life. There is no psychological or educational training for teachers in general, they don’t treat students like they should be treated, everything about our education system has to change else such cases will keep coming. Depression in Pakistan among girls is real.

We r so sorry pretty soul. Another victim. Girls are also suffering in educational institutions just because of this lust. I just appeal all such lusty offenders should be hanged in square. So heart wrenching. My heart goes out to the family and I feel outraged over the custom and usual lethargy of the officials who have done nothing to console the relatives and public in this case so far.

Dr. Iqbal Chaudhry will not allow me to have a PhD”. “Don’t know what the doctor wants from me.” These are the words that Nadia Ashraf uttered in her immediate circle before committing suicide. Every new day we ask justice for a new victim of this system yesterday were #JusticeForJulie and today is #JusticeForNadiaAshraf, tomorrow you and me, may be me or may be someone from our families or extended families.

Why would you commit suicide if you know its Haram? Matlab life has been so terrible that even Dying becomes an exception to the cruelness of this system and norm! She died because a senior didn’t pass her Intentionally. We have failed her. #JusticeForNadiaAshraf is there no right of every girl to get education and also they want to live there life with education the third eye of man and women #justicefornadia this is a murder not a suicide.

This poisoned & corrupted education system swallowed another intelligent buddy. We are sorry & ashamed Nadia that we couldnt protect u from this spoiled system. We strongly appeal
@pid_government to hang culprit IQBAL CHOUDHRY openly. Else there will be protests and people won’t rest until he is punished properly according to rule of law and every girl in the education system is protected.

Its the responsibility of state, to provide swift and immediate investigations in this case. There are also reports that she was being subjected to harassment by her advisor too. Despite being a good researcher and an intellectual, has not been able to complete her PhD in the last 13 years. How strange it is. Nadia Ashraf a Student of Karachi University Committed Suicide after being Harassed by PhD Professor. Is anyone here who care about future of this country?

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