2 Year Review of Imran Administration

2 Year Review of Imran Administration

This is a review of 2 years of Imran administration. He said that $7 billion were saved in Rekodiq project which were equal to Rs1,100 billion whereas $1.5 billion were saved in Karkey project which were equal to Rs240 billion. Another promise fulfilled, another Mega project completed. Imran Khan will inaugurate Ehsas Motorway M2 in coming days. PM Khan has come to power, the best thing he has done is pulling out his country from the colonial mindset.

His unscalable courage & resolute loyalty for Pakistan will forever be an epitome of valiance. Every critic he took for Pakistan, for Kashmir & for underprivileged, strengthens our resolve to defend Khan at all cost. Khan government has managed to perform relatively well in the foreign affairs arena. Critical in this regard has been Khan personal charisma on the international stage and close coordination with the country national security establishment.

Savings on operational costs are shared between Govt. & Independent Power Producers. In past, contracts with IPPs by PPP/PMLN govt put their personal interests ahead of Pakistan’s. PTI govt has renegotiated contracts to increase govt’s share. The issue had to be settled through talks with the IPPs as the government could not change the agreements unilaterally due to the sovereign guarantees involved.

The new agreement with the IPPs is a first major step towards providing cheap electricity to consumers,” Shibli said. “People can no longer afford costly energy.” PM Imran Khan will inaugurate the program tomorrow for children who are not fully developed due to malnutrition and their mental capacity is less than other children. Rs.1240 billion saved and spent on restoring Economy, development of the skeleton left of country by last 2 regimes of thugs, gangsters! Not laundered to build private empires in foreign countries.

Moody’s has upgraded Pakistan’s outlook from ‘under review for downgrade’ to ‘stable’, while maintaining a B3 rating. This is an affirmation of the Government’s sound fiscal and financial policies in these times of unprecedented hardship and uncertainty. Meanwhile, Moody’s shared that the slow economic recovery will impact government revenue, keeping the fiscal deficit wide at around 8-8.5 per cent of GDP in the ongoing fiscal year (FY21) which will be at similar levels compared to FY20.

We had a very difficult two years. We didn”t have foreign exchange and couldn”t pay our debts…We have avoided a huge crisis because we didn”t default. But I know it hasn’t. It made us all cry I think. I kept saying In Sha Allah In Sha Allah while listening to him. Kept wiping off my face throughout. He was so humble, so apt MashAllah. He just said all the right words. For a nation who saw the worst in the name of democracy, it indeed is a moment of celebration and gratitude.

Surely,the most memorable moment from the ongoing tenure is the UN General Assembly Speech. PTI government may have done better on the foreign front but eventually governments in Pakistan are judged for their domestic performance. Mr. Khan hoped that the country would achieve the great dream of the forefathers if persistent efforts were made. Driven by fierce ambition, he can be cold and calculating. But he still generates the broadest hope among young and old that he can turn Pakistan around, and help make South Asia an ocean of peace rather than a state of permanent conflict.


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