2 Years of CorruPTIon of Imran Khan

aleema silai machine

Sister of Selected Imran Khan made properties of worth billions of rupees in USA, UAE, canada with out genuine income source except selling sewing machines. Why #NAB is not asking her how she made these properties? The two-year performance of the present government is an increase of Rs 12,000 billion in external debt.

They were selected to end corruption, it rose to the highest level. They had to end poverty, they’re ending poor. They had to give relief to the masses, they’re giving amnesties to friends & family. Ruined economy, Rupee at lowest & unemployement at highest. 110 billion a projest made in 7years by PTI who have been in power for 7years in kpk ,project failed with mega corruption ,a.project estimated at 30 billion reaches 110 billion and is in this shape today.

The S.A to the PM Ali Nawaz Awan said in a statement that while it is believed that the lives of the people have become difficult but planning with loans does not lead to development and we do not have the magic lamp to reduce inflation. On a serious note, Niazi experiment has totally failed and country is in serious trouble of all sorts. Puppet show must end soon before its too late.

As compared to first year of the incompetent PTI government, the unemployment ratio surged to 8.53% as over one million people had become unemployed during 2019-2020. PTI government as the worst government of country’s history but the Selected PM Imran Khan Niazi sb is not realizing the situation. Now is the time to raise our voices against injustice and corruption within the party.

PTI is govt of Mafia, by the Mafia, for the Mafia. Everything Imran Niazi touches become overpriced over night. Sugar, wheat & petrol and what not? First time in Pakistan’s history Govt is officially supporting hoarders and black marketers. Promises of housing, jobs, education, provision of skills, and healthcare have sounded hollow. Billion Tree Tsunami project and BRT are mega corruption scandals but nobody is accountable . Corruption is on the rise and every file needs bribe for approval in government offices.

Many corrupt members of Khan’s party have not faced any probes. Also, it has recently been claimed that, in some cases, the “accountability” judges were blackmailed. According to the International Transparency Organization of the world “Pakistan becomes more corrupt under Imran Khan who was selected 2 years ago with the promises of Corruption free Pakistan / Riyasat-e-Madina. Pakistan’s ‘Corruption Perception’ worsened in 2019: Transparency International.

Govt’s 2 Years tell much about corruption, incompetence, hypocrisy & nepotism. All economic indicators falling down, Agriculture Sector has collapsed. Industrial sector including manufacturing & services has suffered a lot. No economic growth, no jobs. Muraad Saeed is the one who rants the most about corrupt practices in the prestigious House of Parliament.
How ironic it is that Pakistan Post(which comes under his ministry) has been accused of corrupt practices of billions of rupees by TI.

Hikes in prices of basic necessities.

Cooking oil: 20.19%
Chicken: 18.55%
Mong Daal: 79.34%
Mash Daal: 48%
Masoor Daal: 38.47%
Red Beans: 34%
Eggs: 27%
Gurh: 24%
Flour: 23%
Wheat: 20%
Basin: 16.58%

akistan’s biggest PETROL Smuggling Scandal, Petroleum Ministry is also involve in This Scandal. Petroleum mafia is sitting in Imran khan’s cabinet and Imran khan supports Maafia. Cost of Peshawar Metro still incomplete Peshawar’s 27.6 km project was slated for over Rs90 billion. No inquiry no media trial nothing why?


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