DHA Multan Development Charges and Plots

DHA Multan Development Charges and Plots

The official website of DHA Multan has all the latest and updated information about DHA Multan development charges and plots for sale. Now this is one of the best housing scheme in probably the whole of South of Punjab and definitely in the Multan region. Whether you are looking for your own residence or you want to keep it as investment, you cannot loose as its a win win situation in Pakistan and the price will only go up.

In Pakistan there is no better place to live other than DHA in any city or town. DHA has crossed another milestone with the advent of DHA Multan and DHA bahwalpur. DHA has always been at the forefront of development and in its strive to make DHA on exemplary residential society providing its residents with state-of-the-art facilities for a quality life style. Pakistanis are so blessed to have such a great option.

The addition of the specialist block to the already existing emergency centre at DHA Medical Centre is indeed a thoughtful gesture for the benefit of residents. The hygienic and hassle free atmosphere at the DHA Clinics will enhance professional expertise. Other than medical facilities, golf and other facilities are also second to none with all the shopping and transport at your doorstep.

Optionally you also get tehse facilities in some circumstances:

Burst water pipes or no water
Serious flooding
Sewer blockage
Complete loss of power
Electrical faults
Internal lights and power fittings affected by water
Gas leaks
Fire or storm damage
Loss of all toilet facilities

We chose this home for its location, definitely. It’s nice to be so close to the action and it makes it pretty easy to get around with a little one. DHA profoundly holds the privilege of being the only housing authority that provides the world-class environment and well-guarded community with amenities of quality life. I have been living in DHA for all my life and I cannot think of moving out ever.

This is an act of forte and experience of Armed Forces to become an inalienable and inseparable part of the nation’s prosperity and progress. And we are so thankful for them to bestow this DHA upon us.

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