Pakistani Martyrs Are Our Pride

Pakistani Martyrs Are Our Pride

Nations get new life when a martyr sacrifices his or her life for the motherland. This is the most selfless thing a person can do as there is no compensation for that because t here is no turning back. Pakistani Martyrs are our pride and we will always cherish them and remember them. They are the ‘jhoomer’ of our forehead and we will always rekindle their memories in our heart glowing and flourishing no matter what.

We have come a long way in Responding to the challenges and inshAALLAH Pakistan is bound to rise the only thing Neededis to stay steadfast and remain united as nation. A shahid is considered one whose place in Paradise is promised according to these verses in the Quran: The Quran, chapter 3 (Al Imran), verse 169–170. Its never easy to burry your buddy.
My beloved cousin Asif jameel shaheed. May Allah bless him Aameen.

Pakistani loves their army because on many occasions our army has proved that it will fight day and night to protect us. We have taken the oath to defend our motherland whatever sacrifices .we have been, we are & we shall keep doing it. Among all the martyrs who won Nishan e Haider ,I think Rashid minhas was the youngest one. Here is a glimpse about our great Rashid Minhas:

Rashid Minhas Shaheed Nishan Haider:
Date of Birth . February 17, 1951, Karachi
Day of Martyrdom . August 20, 1971
Place of martyrdom. Thatta

The youngest to receive the Nishan Haider is the fourth overall and the first officer of the Pakistan Air Force. oin us to pay tribute to martyred Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas ((Nishan-i-Haider) on his 49th death anniversary at 11am. Most favorite “Real Hero’s story” of most of the children in Pakistan. We owe alot to the sons like you. You’re alive and will remain forever in our hearts.

On August 20, 1971, Rashid got ready to take off for his solo flight in a T-33 jet trainer. He started his engines and completed the checks. As Minhas was taxiing towards the runway, his instructor pilot, came on the taxi way and signalled him to stop. Rashid Minhas is not only the youngest person to receive the prestigious award of Nishan-e-Haider but also the shortest-serving officer among all other Nishan e Haider recipients. He got commission in Pakistan Air Force on 13th March 1971.

You will be able to drink the jaam of martyrdom
The Prophet (PBUH) must have taken you in his arms
Ali will be on your martyrdom
Hussain-E-pak would always be with you.
The way of God salutes you!

Today is the death Anniversary of pilot officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed. He forced the aircraft to crash to prevent it from being taken to India. Salute to our martyrs. Salute to another Son of Soil Captain Hassan Javaid. He sacrificed His Life in crucial mission on the night of 31st May 2003, for a brighter future of Pakistan. Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG-ISPR) has remembered the sacrifice of martyred Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas ((Nishan-i-Haider) on his 49th death anniversary today.


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