National Technology Council Act in Pakistan

National Technology Council Act

For the last 47 year Technologists fighting for their rights in Pakistan and its about time their voices are heard. National Technology Council Act in Pakistan is very important not only for the people but also for the future of this country. All the Engineering Technologists of Pakistan are the victim of this right now.

Federal agencies need to more quickly and easily to pass the National Technology Council Act with a breadth and depth of competencies in order to take on the technological challenges of tomorrow. National Technology Council (NTC) was established in 2015 under HEC, but its Act & Service structure is still unattended with HEC because HEC chairman is also PEC’s Reg member & PEC don’t want to see this Council independent.

B-Tech degree holder Engineering Technologists are waiting for NTC Act and service structure from last 47 years. PEC is creating hurdles and occupying seats in government jobs. We are struggling for our rights and we need our recognition for which we have completed 17 years of education, so government should play role to Approve NTC Act. There are 3.5 Lac Graduate Eng Technologists who are uttering 4 their rights.

If the Prime Minister’s dream of Technology is to be fulfilled, then the NTC Act has to be passed by the National Assembly for the development of technologist. Compare technology degree with the other countries of the world, definitely you will got your answers. It’s very sorry to say that the management of NTC is not entrusted in approval of NTC. Pakistan’s development is linked to the development of technology. And the development of technology is linked to the National Technology Council Act.

We have done 17 year of education pure technical knowledge still we are not allowed to apply for technical post? Why this gross injustice? These are the Problems of Technology Education in Pakistan. The issues of technologists are countless including no induction, service structure, promotion, and no scope of higher studies for Engineering Technologists, and really the list goes on and on.

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  1. Muhammad ishaque | March 4, 2021 at 2:02 am | Reply

    Its not legal rigjts matter also great concerned that what we doing for our own country and professional people , we all Pakistan is dependent over Foreign Countries technology Transection but we did not think single time why after 70 years we living or waiting for help or aid not courage to develop our Generation towards independent and prosperity in every field one of example is China , we still dealing under 1972 rules not looking the world where and how much Advance , in my view its total failure of our Management system who failed to develop positive direction on right time that why we are so lower stage in every field that why UN warn that Pakistan education is still working on 1970 portfolio which is clear warning for Pakistan that they are going to the big disaster like Africa etc hope we as soon as early change or reform in our education system and will be helpful to our next Generation

  2. Act passed or still awaited. kindly comments

  3. any updates??/

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