Who is Tadeen khan Achakzai ?

So who is Who is Tandeen khan Achakzai ? and what’s his relation with Pakistan? The answers to all these important questions are here to be found. Pakistani forces are in battle with the enemies of this country in Balochistan and some parts of FATA and KP and the whole nation is united behind them.

Tadeen khan Achakzai is reportedly caught with $5 million cash in UAE. As per sources this money was to be used against #Pakistan as he and his late brother both have been active against Pakistan. Thank you UAE. Please hand him over to Pakistan for his crimes. UAE is a brother country of Pakistan and we have full trust in them that they will side with us as they want to see Pakistan a stronger and prosperous country.

A member of the powerful Pashtun Achakzai tribe and a skillful operator in the region’s complex tribal politics Tadeen Khan is an enigmatic personality who is now in the custody of law enforcement agencies and need to be dealth with the rule of law at last, which is the demand of victims and people. It would require a lot of consultations and appeasement to convince the UAE governemnt to repatriate him but we are quite hopeful.

Tadeen Khan Taden Khan Tadin Khan Achakzai Tadin Khan Atsakzai , the younger brother of Lt Gen. Abdul Raziq Achakzai. He was introduced as the new police chief of the province during an event organized in the Police Commandment of Kandahar. But as we all know that he became a stooge of Pakistan’s enemies and worked against it. He is wanted in countless cases to the Pakistani law and it’s a great news that he has been apprehended at last.


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