Kubernetes in Pakistan

Due to the proliferation of micro-services, especially the docker based services; the orchestration software Kubernetes in Pakistan is gaining popularity among many companies who want an agile framework to deliver software quickly and less error free.

Kubernetes jobs in Pakistan are on the rise. Docker jobs in Pakistan are also rising in numbers as outsourcing and cloud oriented jobs are in vogue. Cloud Jobs in Pakistan normally invovle know how of devops concepts and Kubernetes is a big part of that equation. You must know bit of Python, cloud concepts, networking, database, and security concepts a bit too to be a good devops candidate.

A Kubernetes professional in Pakistan is responsible for designing, automating and maintaining on premise Kubernetes solutions to meet requirements in a network environment. They should have expertise in private or public cloud computing using products like OpenShift, VMware Project Pacific, GKE, EKS or AKS. Moreover container development is also a good skillset to have as its all based on containers.

Kubernetes Administrator certificate or Kubernetes developer one is a good entry point. But you need hands on practice. Kubernetes training in Pakistan is scarce so you have to rely on online courses especially the free ones which is also a good option. I would suggest that you should first aim for devops jobs in Pakistan instead of specifically K8s as that is more broad and you would get more job opportunities.

That job revolves around supporting product teams in building and maintaining pipelines and processes to allow continuous software delivery. You will tasks such as:

  • Design, code, test and debug software improving our delivery & operations solutions
  • Work across a mix of technologies: AWS, GCP, Azure Cloud Services, Microsoft DevOps, Docker, C#, .NET Framework, Powershell, batch, Terraform
  • Configure, document, deploy, monitor, and collect feedback on new or revised software delivery & operation policies

and the list goes on.


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