Crocodile in Karachi After Rain

Mangophir Crocodile in Karachi after rain is having a field day as the Karachi rain. So how much rain today in Karachi? Well you might think that it’s unusual  but you need to check those rumors that crocodiles are now swimming around on roads and people are scare to go out.

Pak Army and Rangers joint rescue operation after Karachi Rain Cloud with rain. Where is this Dhakkan Chor MNA of PTI and where is the Bhata Khor MNA of MQM in this difficult time of Karachi ? I don’t know why Karachi is so unfortunate despite of being the financial nerve center of Pakistan and despite of being the largest city in the whole country which generates the largest revenue from all the cities.

Fish Eagle in Karachi is also sighted after this rain. The adult is a large, distinctive, chestnut-and-white eagle that sits prominently on perches near rivers, lakes, and other waterbodies. It’s quite surprising that we are observing it in this season as that is a rare sight in Pakistan especially after all this pollution and other issues. But its not a true eagle and it really is quite interesting.

Every year the rain shows us that Karachi needs better infrastructure planning. And to make the matters worse, even hospitals such as Agha Khan are suffering. Sharai-e-Faisal Condition is so bad. This is nursery. Sindh government has failed us all. We need to go out and take back our rights. Karachi needs a seperate government. We never voted for PPP but still got them. It has to have it’s own government.

Lets all pray for Sindh. Lives and properties are at stake due to rain. Water park by Sindh government for people of karachi. Or kya chaiye? I. I. Chundrigar Road Karachi main jahan sary banks k head office hen sheme for Sindh government. Nothing exposes PPP’s Sindh govt more than Karachi Rain. The city which contributes 95pc of the provincial revenue is left to the whims of those who have no electoral mandate of the city. May Allah save Karachi.

This is the beauty of Karachi, people are always willing to help each other, hats off to food panda riders. Where is this Dhakkan Chor MNA of PTI and where is the Bhata Khor MNA of MQM in this difficult time of Karachi ? This is Sakhi Hassan Graveyard Road, Shadman Town Sector 14-B and things are worst. Corrupt PPP Sindh Government exposed again. They did nothing to prevent it, except busy in dividing Karachi just to gain benefit in Local government elections.

This is karachi People broke the barrier for bus service in order to use the road for their bikes. eople stuck at Nagan worst situation in Karachi after rain. Scenes of Shaheed –e- Millat Collage Karachi are also worst. University Road, Mausamyat Karachi right now. Brace yourself for another strong impact Karachi. I don’t know when our misery will end and when we will become a world class city.

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