Students Protest At PMDC

Under the auspices of the Mustafavi Students Movement, a protest is being staged outside the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council to resolve the issues facing students enrolled in medical colleges. Media is giving courage to Indian students in India today but here is no such coverage of media to the students. Why we are committed to spoil energies of our hardworking youth. We reject ETEA.

Its seems like government officials and Pmdc are not showing any concern for the pre medical students who are taking entrance exams very early. In this tough situation, its very hard to survive for the students and their future is at stake. Students should no be suppressed to leave higher education. The protest is against PMDC and UHS on MDCAT, ETEA criteria, date and Negative marking.

The admission criterion for medical colleges plays a momentous and a decisive role in making the future of millions of students of Pakistan. The authoritative bodies must shape these admission policies equitably in the best interest of Student’s betterment. Due to the Corona epidemic, fresh students got marks in FSC without any effort. In view of these circumstances, the test weight should be increased in the admission of medical college.

Students reject PMDC’s cruel and student-hostile criteria. PMDC must stop playing with the future of students otherwise PMDC chairman will pay the consequences. Every Province of Pakistan is conducting Entry test for medical colleges in October/November, then why kpk is conducting it in September. We also Suffered with the pandemic. Totally unfair with Fresh students of KPK.

We want delay because it is injustice with kp students..test should be on 18 oct like other provinces. We want 70 etea 30 fsc because we want talented doctors. The test is for the students, not for those working at PMDC or KMU. So, the demands of students mustn’t be ignored. Enough is enough. We’ve been protesting on social media for months about the policy but no one is listening. If the government officials don’t listen our cries now, these protests will go on.

We are protesting for the criteria of medical colleges admission. Change criteria 70% and 30%. To ask for our ‘rights’ is our right. The state may or may not accede to our demands but our right to demand endures. Stop making fool of the poor’s talent in order to give free hands to some burgers. Opposition must support the students to convince the pmdc and government to change the ETEA AND MDCAT criteria we demand 70% Etea and 30% Fsc weight.

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