Unfair to Blame Sindh Gov for Karachi Rain

Unfair to Blame Sindh Gov for Karachi Rain

10 more people died in various rain oriented accidents in Karachi with the overall death toll during the three-day horrendous and non-stop rally of torrential rains in the city rising to 40. In a time when the whole world is blaming the Sindh Government, I believe the people of Karachi are equal to blame and her is how?

Pakistan Meteorological Department data showed that as much as 84mm of rain was received in the Gulshan-e-Hadeed area of Karachi. Other areas of city are also in same condition and more rain to follow. Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shahis trying his best but its too big a calamity for him to handle alone. National Coordination Committee (NCC) is just trying to settle the score and trying to make Sindh government look bad.

Now yes the government hasn’t developed Karachi as much as they should have but it is still developed to an extent where these floods may have not been so disastrous if it wasn’t for the people of Karachi. The people of Karachi always fail to understand the simple concept of cleaniness and how the government has some ways to keep the city clean magr nahin the whole city is there dump and kahien bhi pehank do and what excuse they have for it? Hum tax dete hain , hakoomat saaf karay.

Ab in jese jahil log jo ik simple sa concept nahin samjh patay , wohi puri city ko ganda kartay hain aur har jaga apna gand pehank dete hain , jo agay ja Kar nalaon or sewage lines mien phass jata hai and clogs the whole system and causes the water to come at a stand aka floods. Ab jab Karachi jesi city which is the “power house of the country” comes at a stand still these people turn to criticize the government and call them all sorts of things, but they never try to understand that they also have a hand in ruining the beautiful city.

Now when the whole world is critizing the government, we need to understand that you yourself may be the problem. And when these people try to undermine the government at a whole, it creates a whole new problem on a whole new level. Toh answer, did you do your part in establishing a society in which you want to live in? Are you helping in establishing a Naya Pakistan ? Or even helped in making ” The Purana Pakistan ” the Pakistan you wanted?


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