KPK Students Protest ETEA Medical Test 2020

Delay KPK ETEA Medical Test 2020, And Change the Criteria. If This Injustice continues then there is no Future for Many Talented Students. This is not just a bureacratic thing, rather it’s the question of student’s future who are scattered throughout KP and beyond. These students are already struggling due to all the chaos initiated by the COVID and now this measure is just going to make their lives more hard.

Wakeup, pay attention to us. Solve the problem ignoring is not the solution. Our rights is not piece of cake that you people will snatch from us. Delay Etea and increase the weightage of etea/MDCat. We want delay in etea test. It’s completely injustice with kpk students. We are humbly requesting to concerned authorities. Kindly listen to grievances of students. VC KMU should listen to our demands.

We have been screaming for our rights in ever way possible yet no one damn cares about it. Kmu mafia should be dealt strictly for this injustice. Dont they know anything about mental pressure. Every student wants to study but the shortage of time and extremely unjust criteria is engulfing his or her energies. I wonder why are we kpk students treated like this. ETEA must be delayed.

We are suffering mentally due to injustice which is being done to us by VC KMU and KP government. We want delay in etea test. We are humans not robots. We students of kpk want delay in etea test . As other tests are being conducted in October why only in KPK etea is conducted in September. We want time for preparation. If mdcat is to be held in October then why not etea. This logic is beyond commonsense.

Where should repeaters go Now, stop studying? 50% Entry test is unfair. Look at NUST they have 75% Entry TEST 15%Fsc and 10% Matric which is suitable for All. Kindly Change Aggregate Formula For Medical entry test also. If This Injustice continues then there is no Future for Many Talented Students. We want time for our preparation as etea is not a game it’s a test that decide future of thousands of students.

Medical students are protesting outside the premises of KPK assembly to demand delay in ETEA test and change in its criteria as they didn’t get enough time, due to lockdown, to prepare because hostels and academies were closed. If students face any problem regarding academics, it is their basic right to raise voice and protest against it. The authorities are obliged to listen to their demands and solve their issues in the best way possible.

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