Real Story of Zain Qureshi of Multan

Real Story of Zain Qureshi of Multan

A 12 year old boy Zain Qureshi was abused in Multan yesterday. Three men took him to the market for the food and then they planned to abuse him. The first guy did abuse him but when the second guy tried, the boy resisted and they shot him in the back.

A child was abused in Mulan and upon resisting he was shot. He is fighting for his life in Nishtar hospital Multan. Please raise your voice for action against those as*****! They need to be brought to justice. What is wrong with this world? Delay in justice is A big injustice. We condemn it. We request to heigher authorities to provide justice to Zain qureshi. Extremely horrible,heart-rending & bone chilling story of Zain.

I believe it a collective shame for our society & also a grim reminder of lost principles of humanity & the extent of our moral degradation. Crime rate is increasing incredibly in our country and till date when have not heard that any victim received justice. These are the culprits who tried abusing Zain Qureshi he’s 12 year old boy from Mutlan. He’s in hospital right now surgery has been done he’s now out of danger. Two of them are arrested.

Where are we heading to? Even innocent children are not safe. Is this “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan” which Iqbal dreamt of and Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah strove for? As per the cousin of Zain Qureshi, the operation has been done and the boy is well by God’s grace. FIR has been registered and the police is trying to look for culprits.2 of them has been caught and the one is missing.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Very sad to hear such incidents. Law enforcing agencies must respond immediately on such cases. These scum bags won’t stop until the law enforcement authorities set an example by taking strict action against them. Alhumdulillah after 5 hours surgery, he is now out of danger, keep him in your prayer and keep supporting. Two of three rapist has been arrested including the gun man who fired him.

I’m sick of this mercilessness.Broken heart I condemn it. How many Zainabs and Zains will be victimized? All this happening in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I swear it is the most brutal case I ever got to read. Seeing that young boy bleeding literally makes my heart bleed. This 12 years old little champ was raped in multan is in search of justice in the rule of democracy. The democracy which protects the inhumane criminals from their deserving punishment. The only way such incidents can be stopped in Pakistan is public punishment.

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