What Taqi Jaffar Has Done and Who Is He?

Social media in Pakistan is rife with contentious issue of Taqi Jaffar. What Taqi Jaffar has done and who is he is quite a sensitive topic to talk about as the emotions are running very high on both sides. In Pakistan religion is a very sensitive issue especially when it comes to the sectarian issues like these.

One more thing to remember is that this is the month of Muharram which is always like walking on thin ice. During this Islamic month, people get extra sensitive and media also hypes it a lot so one has to be very careful about talking on such issues. This has to do with Ziarat e ashura which is part of Shia belief. And this is attributed to fifth Shia Imam al-Baqir.

According to Article 19 from the Constitution of 1973 every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom but then there is limit to the freedom of speech too. Given the sacredness and sensitivity of this month, parties on both sides must show the restrain and foster the religious harmony. They must make sure that everything stays peaceful and doesn’t go out of hand as that will only create issues.

Now the thing is that Pakistan is a soverign country and people of both Sunni and Shia sects live in peace throughout the year. During this month, some anti social elements try to sabotage this harmony and we both must make sure that we don’t fall into this trap. Both sides should try hard not to offend each other and not to harm each other’s beliefs and feelings. At end of the day the whole world is watching us and we must be a role model.

I have full trust that sanity will prevail.

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