DHA Cares in Pakistan

DHA Cares in Pakistan

Recent monsoon spell cleared one thing that DHA residents are at least well aware of the fact that where to go for complaint. They can go to CBC Cantonment Board Clifton to lodge complaints. The rest of Karachi residents have no idea where to go. It’s literally a blessing to know your where you rights lie, like in the case of DHA Karachi the residents knew how to reach out to CBC and gladly the authorities immediately responded by calling a meeting to resolve the dilemmas more effectively.

Everything went out of hands first but since the city has facing the issues due to heavy rain, the authorities of DHA have been working on to provide every bit of guidance and support to the all residents. Waking up 5 days after rain. How insensitive could you be? The families are suffering the roads are still dirty, sewerage water is everywhere and the air is getting polluted. Most of the areas are not even under CBC where will they go?

The perfect place to live and start a life with all the facilities. DHA is always a dream place for so many people. A joint meeting of all stakeholders in DHA Karachi has held at 2 pm on Tuesday 1st Sep 2020. Including Administrator DHA, Station Commander Karachi, CEO CBC, Elected representatives of UC. And till now outcomes are coming. To be honest, DHA Karachi is still a dream place to live for the many out there. They have many facilities, i-e wide roads, a proper DHA security system, Cleanliness, Medical Facilities, community parks, and other unbeatable facilities.

This is really good thing about DHA that residents know how to take quick actions and make DHA again ideal place to live peacefully. Really good to see DHA and its residents are sitting at one place and taking things in a right direction by engaging in a dialogue. And respected faces of the community engaged in a dialogue, I believe this will bring some result. Communities of DHA have looked in detail of problems that are being faced by the residents, especially the ones whose houses still remain inundated by the rain water.

And we were really hoping for a change when these so called bloggers are sold for pennies. This is the reality of these paid internet influencers. At least use different images you good for nothing soulless bunch of hypocrites. The authorities of DHA has been working on all the issues that are being addressed by the residents after the heavy rain. In this meeting all participants are making use of this platform for candid expression of their grievances and communicating in detail problems being faced by the residents, especially those whose houses still remain inundated by the rain water.

The moment DHA protested for clean roads and quick disposal of water, DHA staff approached and took on board the authorities to solve this issue. DHA Karachi has negotiated with dozens of different representatives of people regarding recent urban flooding. People have criticized DHA and CBC very rightly but finally DHA starts addressing the problem of people. They are being listened at least.

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