NUST QAU or PU – Which Uni to Join?

NUST QAU or PU - Which Uni to Join?

NUST QAU or PU – Which Uni to Join?. It’s a touch choice to make especially if your marks are good and you are lucky enough to get offers from multiple universities in Pakistan and of course if you have the money.

What do you think so many Quaidians are doing abroad and so well, if QAU does not have an international reputation. But I must tell you, QAU is much tougher than NUST and you need hard work for good GPA. And if it’s MPhil, definitely QAU. If it’s BS, you have a choice, but I know NUST bio sciences in ASAB and it’s pretty meh in terms of work done and courses taught.

I left NUST as soon as I could and that was my choice. I am in QAU now, and by the way, DD Academics also, so I am telling you from experience. Don’t be fooled by NUST buildings, cleanliness and reputation. You will soon know that it’s an empty package they are trying to sell. Biosciences in NUST ? Lol, run away as fast as you can! And QAU classes will be delayed till 22nd Sept, probably.

Qau is better at Biological sciences than nust.If you were a engneering student,then i would have suggested you NUST. It depends on the discipline. I have served in both institutions and QAU scores much higher than NUST in terms of research, academic freedom and multicultural environment. Not to mention NUST pathetic policies. It has effective marketing, though. At end of day it’s personal preference too.

Refund option is for like a week before classes start. And classes start on 15th. What if u get urself admitted in QAU and then wait for NUST list? My heart is with Nust but there’s a timing issue. If you are wondering about QAU or NUST and if you have made it to the merit list of QAU, then don’t let it go and also wait for NUST list or it is confirmed so that you don’t loose places at both. Choices in life sometimes are so hard to make.

How do I decide which university to join? QAU or NUST? Recited the istakhara dua and made a damn coin toss. It said NUST three times so that should do.

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